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Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R

The shocked passenger in a sports car video has pretty much been played out.  I mean, just how many videos can be made of scantily clad young ladies screaming when the throttle is opened? Well today’s lead in video takes that concept and turns it around into one of the cutest videos on the web.

The lads at Jalopnik found this video from YouTube user Gobihilda, who posted this video of his 5-year-old daughter  riding in the back seat of his modified Nissan GT-R. This young lady’s reaction when he opens it up is sure to brighten your day!

Ride along as a Top Fuel Dragster loses a wheel at speed
Top Fuel dragsters are not only the fastest machines in the sport, they’re pretty much the most violent cars that man has ever built. They are powered by supercharged, 8 litre V8 engines that produce somewhere between 8-10,000 horsepower. The actual number can’t be determined because the engines have a life span of about 10 seconds before they blow themselves to smithereens. They are capable of speeds in excess of 520 km/h. So when things go wrong, they have a habit of going very wrong.

Australian drag racer Larry Dixon was a very lucky man a couple of weeks ago when an rear axle snapped on the Top Fueler, sending the car into a spin. It was amazing that the car didn’t roll, hit a wall or hit Dixon’s competitor. It is equally lucky that the rolling tire didn’t hit anyone.

Grand-Am sets up clever marketing stunt
The challenge for every sporting series is how to get bums into seats, but few have as much of a challenge as sports car racing. Those of us who are already fans of the sport know just how exciting it can be, but it can be tough to translate that passion to others. The folks at Grand-Am are racing at the famous Road Atlanta circuit this weekend and tried a neat stunt that hopefully will draw some local fans out to the race. They brought a Daytona Prototype out to the ball game.

The Team Sahlen #42 BMW/Riley was driven around Atlanta’s Turner Field by Dane Cameron before the Atlanta Braves played the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday night. Prior to the lap, which was in celebration of Jackie Robinson Day, the car and Cameron were set up in the parking lot, where Cameron was signing autographs.

It has been reported that the whole stadium were on their feet cheering as the red, black and yellow racer circled the field. Let’s hope it inspires some of those fans to experience the race for themselves this weekend.

Renault turns Mégane Trophy V6 into a crazy taxi
Through a connection at Nissan Canada comes this very cool promo stunt from parent company Renault. Part of an ongoing series of videos to promote the Mégane Trophy V6, the sexy-looking hatch looks more beastly when in race trim, but the roll cage offers lots of spots for terrified passengers to hold on as they blast through the streets of Paris.

Subaru Launch Control Episode #1
The growth of Internet media has allowed advertisers to get very creative with their ad spots, so much so that they often end up becoming short films that would never have seen the light of day in traditional media. It has also created a bit of a shift in advertising culture as it forces companies (at least the smart ones) to create compelling, quality content that viewers actually want to watch rather than just in your face 30 second television spots.

That shift has allowed a whole new wave of talented filmmakers such as my friend Warwick Patterson to create incredible video content for the web. Patterson and his crew at Formula Photographic have been working with the Subaru U.S.A. Rally Team for a couple of years now, a partnership out of which a new web series called Launch Control has emerged. This first episode called Rinse & Repeat follows Subaru Rally Team USA driver David Higgins as he prepares for the first event of the season at his home in Wales. It also gives a glimpse into the process involved in building top flight rally cars.

  • Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R
  • Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R
  • Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R
  • Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R
  • Insider Report: Cutest video of the week stars 5-year-old in dad's GT-R

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