Insider Report: Crazed Brazilian biker's videos hit mainstream

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He calls himself Mike Terrorista, but his YouTube handle is MIKE9MMM. Mainstream media is just getting wind of the guy’s insane motorcycle videos now, but he has been active on YouTube since 2006. His channel boasts close to 1.7 Million views, with over 20,000 subscribers. The channel has an almost constant stream of videos of Mike speeding through Sao Paulo, with a running commentary and an evil exhaust soundtrack.

I don’t know what the traffic laws in Brazil are like, but if this guy was in Ontario, he would have been tossed in jail years ago. With the rate he keeps posting videos, the law of averages has to catch up with him soon if the police don’t.

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The Off Season #3: Indycar drivers are getting restless

Have you ever wondered what a professional racer does during the off-season? Golf maybe or how about a bit of snowboarding? It seems that some guys, like Oakville, Ontario’s James Hinchcliffe are having to adapt to office life instead.

Lame, but cute.

Lambos love snow

There was a time when Italian supercar builder Lamborghini built fragile, unreliable machines that were great to look at but were less than ideal for actually driving. Lately though, with some engineering budget from parent company VW, the cars have become entirely more usable. Add in an actual all-wheel drive system and you’ve got a machine that can be driven year round.

Swedish ski star Jon Olsson is also a bit of a car fanatic, owning both an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. He is even developing his own car called the Rebellion R1K. Both the Audi and the Lambo see winter roads and Olsson likes to put together “stupid videos” (his words, not mine) to show his toys in action. This video of the Lambo is wrong in so many ways, from clearing the snow from the car with a shovel, to revving the stuffing out of a stone cold engine. Look closely part way into the video and there is even some body damage from his hooning.

Chasing skaters on Stunt Road

My friends at The Smoking Tire were shooting video of the new Volvo C30 Polestar when they met up with some downhill skateboarders from Orangatang Wheels. Being that both vehicles had wheels, both groups had a certain manic connection and access to high quality video cameras. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before someone hatched a plan for the Volvo to have a camera mounted and chased the skaters down the mountain.

These guys are insane and I mean that in the best sense of the word!

  • Insider Report: Crazed Brazilian biker's videos hit mainstream

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