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Insider Report: Couple bonds over the love of 'muscle'

A passion for muscle

  • Couple bonds

How many times have you seen the classified ad that reads “Must Sell, getting married”? For too many people, a relationship is a hobby killer. When you get two people who share a passion for the same thing, great things can happen. Brian and Samantha Styles have an incredible collection of muscle cars that are housed in a garage they call The Zoo. Not just a collection of wild animals like goats and cougars, The Zoo has a bar area complete with a row of pinball machines and big-screen TV for when they entertain.

Like they say, anything is possible with money.


Distracted Russian motorist proves that you can’t fix stupid
The anti-heroine in this video is obviously having a bad day. First off, she returns to her Lada from pre-paying for her gas, while talking on the phone. She then hops in her car and begins to drive away, with the fuel filler hose still inserted in her car. A helpful passerby reminds her that she is still attached, so she gets out of the car and proceeds to fill her car. Then, while a friendly seeming employee chats her up, the lady learns that she has locked the driver’s door of her car. Station worker to the rescue!

I find myself wondering if this lady was just distracted by her phone call, or is she really this scattered. Either way, would you want to be sharing the road with someone like this?

Couple bonds

Catching up with Magnus Walker and his Irish Green ’66 911

Couple bonds

“A rewarding, enjoyable drive.” That is how Porsche Resto-Mod star Magnus Walker describes his mostly original 1966 Porsche 911. I often use the word passion when talking about those who are involved in the car hobby. I want to say that there are few who have as deep a passion as Walker, but that would be wrong. There are many who have as much passion, but there are few who elicit so much passion from other enthusiasts. It has been a while since we saw the Urban Outlaw visit Jay Leno, so let’s check in as he visits with the guys from XCAR.


James Hinchcliffe speaks with Robin Miller at Houston Indy

Couple bonds
As Wheels Editor, Norris McDonald mentioned in his weekend wrapup, Canadian Indycar star James Hinchcliffe still has not clinched a ride for the 2014 season. Following his podium finish in Sunday’s race in Houston, the Mayor of Hinchtown spoke with RACER Mag’s Robin Miller about his topsy turvy weekend and a love of champagne.


15 Seconds With: 2014 Ford Mustang Convertible

Couple bonds
I seem to have the worst luck with convertibles. With the exception of the Jaguar F-Type, it has rained or snowed every time I have reviewed a convertible in the past 12 months. Yesterday, I pickup up this lovely 2014 Ford Mustang Convertible. Need I remind you that it was cold and rainy for most of the day. The top stayed up. That didn’t stop me from heading out into the country to enjoy some twisty roads.

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