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Insider Report: Cop stops speeder, crash ensues — so who's at fault?

The cop's intended target stops without any issue, but another rider who is following behind is not up to the task.

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Traffic police put themselves in danger on a daily basis, it just goes with the territory. Even still, occasionally we see an officer who is less than brilliant in his choice of how and when to pull over a traffic offender.

In the video below, we see a British officer standing at the side of a wet, foggy roadway who then steps out in front of a motorcycle rider to force him to stop. The cop’s intended target stops without any issue, but another rider who is following behind is not up to the task. Whether the second rider wasn’t looking far enough ahead, was travelling too fast for the conditions, had worn out tires or all of the above is hard to tell from the video. Interestingly, the incident was caught on cameras mounted on both bikes and behind the police officer.

Who do you think was at fault here?

Watch a wrecker destroy a Dodge Viper
Caution: What you are about to witness may cause nausea and distress in those who worship the automobile.

The Dodge Viper is one of the most pure sports cars of the modern era, having few creature comforts and no real purpose other than to look evil and to be driven fast. Bereft of electronic driver aids, the snake is also somewhat of an endangered species as they are routinely destroyed by loving owners who run out of talent while exploring the limits of the beast. It is rather upsetting then to see this one being ripped apart by a giant metal claw.

Cop stops speeder

The YouTube poster doesn’t explain why the seemingly decent car was destroyed but there are many possible reasons, ranging from it being a crime scene to being the property of a drug lord. It could have even been a pre-production test mule that was scheduled to be crushed, as they are. Regardless, this is a sad sight.

Snowmageddon with Rally Cars in St Louis
There was a time when doing doughnuts in a snowy parking lot was a right of passage for Ontario drivers. Not only was it fun, but it taught car control, making our roads safer because drivers actually knew what to do when the road got slippery. Today, thanks to our over-protective lawmakers, such low speed learning is now considered stunt driving. Instead of protecting us, we have taught drivers that improving your skills in an empty lot is an activity that will have your car impounded. I know that over-simplifies things a bit, but the roads are a better place when people know how to drive!

Cop stops speeder

As this Winter storm takes over the continent, folks are still out there having fun, including these guys from St Louis, who kindly took a camera along for a bit of drifting fun using a BMW and a rally prepped Subaru.


Dakar Stage 1 Summary
Continuing with our Dakar rally coverage, the Dakar media machine is creating stage summary videos every day. While they don’t make up for the lack of proper television coverage here in Canada, they can at least give us a taste of the action.

Cop stops speeder

Monday was a tough day for most competitors, with extreme heat that caused all sorts of problems with the vehicles. The live scoring seems to be struggling as well. When I went to bed last night, it showed Robby Gordon in 58th position and now he is absent from the list. Canadian duo David Bensadoun and Patrick Beaule of ALDO Racing officially finished back in 85th spot, but the scoring is bouncing around between 83 & 86 this morning. The stage was so tough that some competitors have still not finished yet.

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