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Insider Report: Christmas wheels edition

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Hello? Is there anybody out there? I suspect not, as I would be willing to bet that most of our readers are out at the mall, frantically searching for a few last minute Christmas gifts. Once you get home and can enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself though, I thought you might enjoy a bit of alone time with the Insider Report. So here are a few Christmas themed videos to help get you in the mood.

Porsche 911 Snow Dance

As a kid in the ’70s, I remember my Grandfather always used to watch this show, where some artist artist created a painting live for viewers. I always marveled at the talent needed to take an idea from one’s mind and bring it to life on a canvas. Then, years later, came the British show Art Attack that worked similarly creative magic.

American artist Nicolas Hunziker is the fourth generation of his family to be blessed with the artistic gene set. Fortunately for gearheads, Hunziker’s topic of choice is the automobile. To celebrate the holiday season, Hunziker has created a video in the spirit of that guy I used to watch, but with an image much more thrilling than a wintry forest scene.

‘This is how we use the GT-R in Sweden’

When you live near the Arctic Circle, serious winters are a fact of life. Driving fans can either put their toys away for the winter or they can choose to drive serious toys that are capable of defeating Jack Frost. What better machine to do it than with the mighty Nissan GT-R?

Team Ice Riders are a new YouTube user who promise to show off some of their winter driving escapades. To begin with, they have shared a video that explains just how good a supercar can be in the snow.

The fastest Christmas card in the world

Have you ever tried to write while riding shotgun in a moving car? If so, then you have an idea of the challenge before artist Gavin Patterson when BMW sent him out for a little drive with BMW precision driver Urs Inauen with instructions to create a Christmas card for their 2011 holiday message. The drive was on a race track, making the task that much more difficult.

If you like this one, be sure to check back tomorrow, when I’ll share BMW’s 2012 Christmas Carol!

Santa’s new ride might be faster than a sleigh

Speaking of supercars in the snow, I thought I would finish up with a little holiday short from Lamborghini. It would seem that Santa has a bit of an addiction to hot chocolate. As a poor pub owner is hoping to go home on Christmas Eve, barfly Santa just won’t leave without another shot of cocoa.

That’s because he has a 700-horsepower Aventador waiting for him outside in the snow!

  • Insider Report: Christmas wheels edition

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