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Insider Report: Cheese inferno shuts tunnel in Norway for 6 days

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While drivers in the GTA are reeling from Friday’s massive 80 car pile up east of Toronto, drivers in Norway had to deal with a road closure of a different sort. A tunnel near Narvik was closed for days due to a cheese inferno.

The cargo of brunost, which is a caramelized Norwegian goat cheese, somehow caught fire in the tunnel. In an interview with Reuters, police officer Viggo Berg said “This high concentration of fat and sugar is almost like petrol if it gets hot enough.” Taking the concept of cheese fondue to a whole new level, 27 metric tons of the brown cheese burned for four days and the tunnel was closed for six days. There is no word as to what caused the cheese to catch fire.

Check out a bystander’s video.

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Watch a Red Bull air racer skim the water and survive

Few forms of motorsport can be considered even remotely close to being as dangerous as air racing. The pilots twist and turn around pylons and insanely low altitudes, just metres off the water. I just came across this video of Pilot Matt Hall from the Windsor, Ontario, round of the Red Bull air races in 2010. The pilot stalls his aircraft and while he manages to recover, it is right at the last moment and the plane skims the surface of the Detroit River. The clip of Hall’s wife’s reaction as the wingtip grazes the water tells just how close this was to being a tragedy.

Think kart racing is child’s play? Think again.

When most non-enthusiasts hear the term kart racing, they think about cottage country go-cart rentals. These overweight, under powered rental toys are far from fast and bear little resemblance to real racing karts. Real racing karts are really fast, which means that mistakes are potentially really costly. Jack Baruth over at TTAC came across this video from up and coming racer Evan York. York was tucking his head down under the steering column mounted fairing to get an aerodynamic edge, which prevented him from seeing the kart that entered the racing line. The driver was traveling at 114 km/h when he clobbered the slower moving kart. Despite the scary video, neither driver was injured.

  • Insider Report: Cheese inferno shuts tunnel in Norway for 6 days

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