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INSIDER REPORT: Canada Customs reportedly impounds family's altered SUV

When Edwin and Alison Morris were researching possible vehicles that might safely haul around their fleet of eight children, they came to the conclusion that their best bet would be a custom conversion.

They found Custom Autos by Tim in Oklahoma, who regularly creates massive family haulers by chopping up two vehicles and reconnecting them to create one, longer wagon. The Morris family thought they had done their due diligence by contacting the Canada Border Services Agency to see if they would be able to bring their modified vehicle home to Saskatchewan and were informed that they would be fine. Six months later, when the conversion was completed, the Morris family’s stretch SUV was denied entry into Canada. Transport Canada has reportedly told LifeSiteNews that “bringing back a Canadian certified vehicle after having it altered in another country constitutes importation.”

The family is now beginning a campaign claiming that Transport Canada is discriminating against families by allowing modifications to hot rods and the like, but not for allowing “practical” changes. The fly in the ointment appears to have something to do with a possible lack of certification documents, although the original story does not come right out and say it.
Be sure to check back, as I’ll keep you up to date when I learn more!

Motorcyclist lucky to be alive after being hit by speeding car

When you ride a bike, you have to be very diligent to stay safe on the road because you have more to worry about than just yourself. This helmet cam video, shot in Novosibirsk, Russia shows just how easily one’s day can end in tragedy. The female rider and her partner pull out into traffic, where she is a bit light on the throttle. The rider with the camera obviously sees the oncoming tri-colour tuner car wannabe and tries to get him to slow down, just before the car slams into the bike. Fortunately, she was wearing proper protective gear and had a healthy dose of luck on her side.

Vintage drags at Eagle Field

There are few things cooler than the sight of a pair of vintage gassers launching off the line together. Mike Garrett from Speedhunters recently went trackside at the Eagle Field Drags, just South East of San Jose in California. All the hot rod history in Cali means that the spirit of vintage drag racing is alive and well, contributing to some great race meetings. More great shots can be viewed at Mike’s gallery at Speedhunters.

How times have changed!

A great find by the folks at The Chicane! Way back when, this is how a drag racer would spend $7,000. To put it into perspective, the engine in a modern Top Fuel dragster costs somewhere north of 50 grand!

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