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Insider Report: BMW 7 Series gets hit with an ugly stick

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Unlike many critics, I don’t have a hate for the Chris Bangle era of BMW design. Some of Bangle’s creations are actually pretty sharp. Until they visit a Florida tuner shop that is. The land of tourists and sleepy snowbird drivers is also home to some rather questionable style. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this video of a candy apple red Bimmer, shod with 28″ Dub Revolution spinners. If this isn’t ugly, I don’t know what is!

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Double Dutch Beemer doughnuts

I’m finding more and more videos these days that have no identifying descriptions with them, which is a shame. Take this one for example: Here is a super talented (albeit somewhat nuts) drifter who is somehow able to do doughnuts in two 3 series Beemers at the same time, without injuring himself, anyone else or damaging the cars. This is pretty cool stuff right here and I have no idea who to applaud. Still, it is cool enough that I just have to share.

Do not try this at home. You will not succeed. You will be hurt. Or worse.

The Seven-Ups car chase

Whenever the topic of the greatest car chase movies come up, it is always flicks like Bullitt and Vanishing Point that are near the top of the list. Yesterday, I learned of one that I have never heard of. The 1973 cop flick The Seven-Ups, starring Roy Scheider and nobody else I’ve heard of, has a car chase scene that is over 10 minutes long.

I have to admit that as a car geek, I tend to notice little things in movies and TV shows that drive me nuts. There is nothing worse than watching a show and hearing tire squeal as a car slowly rolls into a parking spot. In the rain. The sound track in this chase scene is kind of amusing. Scheider’s character, a detective named Buddy, is driving a 1973 Pontiac Ventura. As Buddy blasts through the streets of NYC, the soundtrack suggests the driver is making double clutch shifts, as McQueen did in Bullitt. Then, when the interior is shown, the car clearly has an automatic transmission. A small detail sure, but it ruins the scene for me. Still, it is fun to check out a “new” car chase.

Forget your Big Wheel, check out these Drift Trikes

Anyone who rode a Big Wheel as a kid remembers racing their buddies and trying to make great skids. Some of the later models even had a simple brake for the back wheels to make it easier to slide. Those things have nothing on the trikes a bunch of crazy kiwis in Whangarei ride. With a BMW front wheel and brake, the rear wheels appear to be metal or hard plastic to enable aggressive drift angles. These things are beyond cool!

I had to dig back into their video archives to find videos without any overly offensive language, but a visit to the SBPnz YouTube channel is worthwhile as there is some insane downhill trike action. While you’re there, they also have hours worth of automotive content. I’ll be sharing more of their work in the future I’m sure.

  • Insider Report: BMW 7 Series gets hit with an ugly stick

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