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Insider Report: Bikers help out stranded police officer

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Hollywood would have us believe that there is nothing but bad blood between bikers and police, but the real world is never quite so simple. People are people every now and then and even the good/bad guys (depending on your perspective) need a bit of a hand.

Despite what it looks like in the beginning, this cellphone video from YouTube user alwayzwinning95 shows a crowd of bikers helping out a copper in a somewhat embarrassing position. The poster hasn’t added location details and isn’t responding to requests for more info, but it seems that the officer had high centred his cruiser on a curb while checking out a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts.

A bit of jostling and the officer was on his way. I’m pretty sure the folks on hand earned some good will in return.

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Eccentric lapping days 2012 in review

Smart performance driving fans know to take their fun to the track and Southern Ontario is a great place to do that because we have three super facilities for exploring the performance potential of our cars. The folks at Eccentric are frequent visitors to Toronto Motorsport Park, just outside of Hamilton. The historic airfield track is a perfect place to push the limits, having lots of run-off area. One must screw up royally to damage themselves at TMP, so it is a perfect place for inexperienced drivers to learn and more experienced drivers to hone their skills. Photographer and videographer, Eshel Zweig has put together a review of the 2012 season. I love the fact that a certain Ferrari driver is not only using his machine the way it was intended to be used, and also know that he is going to get a fair bit of ribbing from his buddies for being included in the video.

Motorsport Photography Eccentric Video III 2012, Seasons Greetings from Eshel on Vimeo.

Millionaire Boy Racers invade London

Wealthy Arab gearheads have taken to invading London’s posh Knightsbridge area during the Summer to show off their super expensive exotic cars. As the world’s most expensive machines are flogged around town, camera toting “Carparazzi” are chasing them around, cheering for them to rev their engines and light up the tires.

Mail Online is reporting that local residents are not as thrilled with the arrival of the rich boys and their toys in their corner of town, shared with the exclusive Harrod’s. Residents say that the “Gulfies” drive dangerously and make a lot of noise. Strangely, nothing has been said about the obscene colours of some of the cars clashing with local homes. Oblong Films has put together a documentary which will air for the first time today in the U.K.

Why today’s racers are all so boring

There was a time when professional race car drivers didn’t have to be “professional” all the time. Drivers partied like rock stars before heading out to do battle. More than a few armchair critics have commented that the sport needs a return of guys like James Hunt, who scored more off track than on, just to make the sport more interesting. The short answer to why racers are all so squeaky clean these days can be summed up in one word: Money.

“I’m not saying we should all be crashing cars into swimming pools (although that particular incident is kind of badass); rather, today’s superstars are bound and gagged by society,”

That quote is from 2007 Indy Lights Champion, Alex Lloyd, in a brilliant attempt to explain why racers are boring to Jalopnik readers. An interesting aside to this is that Lloyd is not currently employed as a driver. Maybe he is too interesting for corporate America! It is a pretty good read and I had no idea that there was video floating around of a wasted Kimi Raikkonen doing a head plant on a boat. Maybe there is hope for F1 yet!


Les Mayhew has put together a video from the 2012 California Hot Rod Reunion that contains nothing but burnouts. The smoke and noise are incredible, but the highlights have to be the copious slow motion shots of nostalgic drag cars leaving the line, along with lots of wrinkled tires. The Slow Mo is so slow that a few times you can count the cylinders firing by watching the flames from the pipes as funny cars launch.

This is all kinds of old skool kool!

  • Insider Report: Bikers help out stranded police officer

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