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Insider Report: Bike racer saves drowning calf

  • 4x4 off-road safari. Egypt. Sinai desert

When travelling at speed, racers typically are pretty focused on the task at hand and the view of the road ahead. The resulting tunnel vision doesn’t usually allow for much in the way of peripheral observations. Motorcycle racer Johan Gray fortunately had his eyes open as he was competing in a qualifier for the Amageza 2012 endurance race in Gauteng, South Africa. He was also wearing his good neighbour badge.

As Gray was speeding alongside an irrigation canal, he noticed a calf that was struggling to keep its head above water. The rider turned around and single handedly rescued the baby bovine from the water. If that weren’t enough, Gray then tosses the calf over his fuel tank and takes it for a ride to find its herd. Needless to say, the herder was very thankful to have his charge returned safely.

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Watch the first ever Monaco Grand Prix

Having hosted the now-legendary Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo since 1911, the Automobile Clue de Monaco desperately wanted to become an international organization. The problem was that most of the roads used for the rally were in other European countries. To correct this, Anthony Noghès, the son of the President of the ACM, decided to host a Grand Prix on the streets of Monte Carlo. The invite-only event was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti, followed by Mercedes driver Rudolf Caracciola in an SSK.

This old news reel shows just how dangerous auto racing was in that era for everyone involved. We always see photos of drivers with grubby looking faces after a race. Watching this and seeing all of the dirt and dust hanging in the air makes it easy to understand how they got to look that way. It is amazing how similar the course looks to today’s track, over 83 years later.

Ride along with Pat Richard and Alan Ockwell at Pacific Forest Rally

Have you ever driven down a cottage road a little bit too fast, made it out OK and then thought: “Those rally guys are nothing special, I could do that”? I’m sure some of you have, but give your head a shake, you’ve got nothing compared to Pat Richard.

Ride along with the four-time Canadian Rally Champion and co-driver Alan Ockwell on a record setting run on the Princeton Cutoff stage at the 2010 Pacific Forest Rally in British Columbia. Looking less like a cottage road and more like a goat path, the stage often has a steep drop off on the co-driver’s side of the road. This is a spectacular, albeit somewhat frightening, drive.

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