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Insider Report: Best Supercar sounds of 2012

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I am far from the only one who spends a good part of his days surfing Youtube looking for cool automotive content. There are lots of folks out there who do it for their their own pleasure, or their viewers. YouTube user Marchettino has compiled 12 minutes of what he considers to be the top Supercar sounds of 2012. While the copied video content isn’t great, there is definitely some exotic audio content here. Turn this one up!

The first 200 MPH Hot Rod: So-Cal Streamliner
As a web guy, I don’t read all that many print publications these days, but when I am going to be stuck in a tube with wings to go cover an automotive event somewhere, I will usually grab a car buff magazine of some sort. I just can’t get enough of the cars, even though I read and write about them just about all day, every day.

On my way to New Orleans this week for a Michelin tire event, I picked up the latest issue of Hot Rod, which also happens to be the 65th Anniversary issue. One of the highlights of the issue is a story about a recreation of the So-Cal Streamliner, that was the first Hot Rod to break the 200 mile per hour barrier. Beneath a beautiful skin say the frame of a Model T, and a Mercury flathead. It is a story of bravery, ingenuity and the work it took to build a replica. You can (and should) read the whole story here.

Testing the new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3
As I mentioned above, I am in New Orleans as I write this. I just spent the day at the new NOLA Motorsports Park comparing Michelin’s newest ultra high performance offering against some of the best tires on the market. I have lots of impressions to share, but I will give you a hint – this new tire is ahead of the curve when it comes to wet weather performance!

  • Insider Report: Best Supercar sounds of 2012
  • Insider Report: Best Supercar sounds of 2012
  • Insider Report: Best Supercar sounds of 2012

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