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INSIDER REPORT: Behold, this is the world’s most expensive parking spot

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If you think parking in Toronto is expensive, then you likely won’t be interested in buying the parking spot at 66 East 11th Avenue in Greenwich Village. Developer Morad Fareed bought the property, a pre-war loft building which had previously been a parking garage and is turning it in to six luxury condos. The most extravagant will be the 743 square metre penthouse. Staying true to its roots, the building will contain one indoor parking spot that is a condo unto itself. According to New York Post, the uber exclusive parking spot can be yours for a cool million. At today’s exchange rates, that will set a Canadian buyer a paltry $1,024,620. On the bright side, there is room to install an elevator lift, so conceivably this is really two spots!

Would Lamborghini Aventador be your choice for the Apocalypse?

While many young gearheads in the 80s had posters of Lamborghini’s Countach on the wall next to Farrah Fawcett, there was no raging bull on my wall. I was more of a Shelby and Porsche guy. In fact, I truly can’t say that I have appreciated the shape of any Lambo since the iconic Miura. Until of course I laid eyes on the Aventador. The most modern door wedge looks more like a fighter plane than a sports car, which may be why Lamborghini’s newest web ad for the car features the onset of the apocalypse. The Aventador looks like a pretty worthy machine for a battle to the finish!

Mad Fabricators go on the road

The traditional hot rod scene is not for everyone, but it is a scene that is steeped in history. With roots that go back to the first hot rodders of the Fifties, these guys and girls do their best to preserve the spirit of rodding. The folks at Mad Fabricators Society have been toiling away over the past few years, documenting the trad rod culture and creating a series of super high quality dvds. For the seventh movie, chief Mad Fabricator, Piero De Luca is planning to head out across the US of A for the next six months grabbing more footage. To fund this adventure, De Luca is taking the route of asking for donations to the project. $5 gets you a high five and the knowledge that you are part of a great project and there are several levels of up to well, funding your own spot as Executive Producer. To give you an idea of where your fiver is going, check out this teaser video from Episode 7, shot around Texas over the past year.

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