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INSIDER REPORT: Axe wielding crazy-man destroys $330,000 Ferrari

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Having spent decades in the auto service industry, I have had to repair or decline more cases of damage to cars that were in for service than I care to remember, but this story in the Daily Record takes the cake. Edinburgh property developer Rajinder Singh took his £207,000 (approx $330,000 CAD) Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in for service at Graypaul Ferrari on May 1. Overnight, security cameras caught a man attacking the luxury sports car with an axe, smashing the windows and roof, before slitting the tires with a knife. Singh says neither Ferrari nor the dealership have been of any assistance to him and police have yet to track down a suspect. Damage is said to be about £40,000 ($64,000 CAD), not to mention the long term devaluation the car will suffer as a result of having non-original parts.

Watch Andre Rapone flip a MINI

During his coverage of last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix extravaganza, Norris McDonald mentioned Andre Rapone’s wild ride during the Canadian Touring Car Series race. Call me crazy, but I defy anyone to show me a race from Formula 1, Indycar or NASCAR that comes close to being as exciting as a CTCC race. These racers are straight out street fights between real cars, with safety and mild performance mods that generate more excitement per race than the big three series combined. Sometimes, even experienced drivers get it wrong and we get to see some crazy action like watching Andre Rapone barrel rolling his Team Octane MINI. Thanks to the robust safety gear, Rapone was fine, despite the driver’s door opening during the flip. The MINI on the other hand is going to need some work. Believe it or not, the MINI was still able to drive into the trailer under its own power!

And now watch the last 10 minutes of the race, and the crash, from Rapone’s viewpoint.

Exotic car action in Ontario?

My Insider Report often includes exotic car action (OK, usually crashes) from other parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of action right here in Ontario. Really, it is quite the opposite, as on any given day during the Spring and Summer, you will find owners of high end sports cars putting their machines through their paces on a couple of race tracks here. Recently the Eccentric Track Days gang visited Toronto Motorsports Park, West of Toronto, for a bit of fun on the track, where it belongs!

How many grid girls can you fit inside a Lamborghini race car?

Much like the movie industry, auto racing weekends can often be best described as hurry up and wait. That means there is lots of time for fun before the green flag drops. The media types at the FIA GT1 series decided that it might be fun to recreate that old hippie gag of trying to stuff a car full of people. Instead of using long haired college students and a VW Bug however, they had to use what they had on hand: Grid girls and a GT1 Lamborghini. Amazing how many ladies were able to squeeze into a very uncomfortable spot designed for one person!

Indiana stock car driver t-bones another driver on purpose, brawling ensues

North America is dotted with local short track ovals, where wannabe NASCAR stars get out and do battle in their modified street cars each and every weekend. The drivers love it, the fans love it. Small time oval racing has a bit of a redneck stigma attached to it, which is unfortunate as it can be good fun. The problem is that guys keep doing stuff like we see in the following video. Shot last weekend at the Sportsdrome Speedway in Clarksville, Indiana, by YouTube user jeffcats, we see a red car zooming across the infield before slamming into the side of another car that is still racing. Then, as both drivers emerge from their cars, they proceed to go all Wild West on each other. The crowd doesn’t sound too upset, this is the best entertainment they’ve had since the last time the Monster Trucks came to town!

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