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Insider Report: Another blatant attempt at insurance fraud?

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A couple of weeks ago, brought you an absurd video in which a pedestrian throws herself onto the hood of a car in a blatant attempt to fake injury. This must be a recent trend in the far east, because another apparent attempt has surfaced.

In today’s video, a man in Taipei calmly walks out into the street, crouches down and waits for the impact. Fortunately, the driver of this camera car was actually looking ahead and simply drives around him. I don’t read Chinese, but Google translate tells me that these guys carry shopping bags with blood bags inside so that any injuries look more “lifelike”.

There appears to be some crazy scamming going on across the Pacific!

After hearing the 2013 Viper GTS in action, you’re going to want one

A two-seat track monster may not be the right car for everyone, but the 2013 SRT Viper is just so drop-dead sexy that surely it must stir the loins of even the least automotively inclined. Ok, so maybe we won’t see David Suzuki driving one any time soon. At the recent launch of the new snake, the folks at Road & Track brought out the video cams and got some footage of the beast in action. All I can say is that the guttural growl that emanates from this monster is intoxicating. I wonder how much of my soul I’ll have to sell to buy one.

Tom Hnatiw celebration details announced

It was with great sadness that I wrote about the passing of my friend Tom Hnatiw last month. Tom was such a fun guy that the typical church basement pot luck just wouldn’t be the right setting for a proper farewell. Instead, his closest friends have announced an evening at Scotland Yard for folks to get together and swap stories and maybe tip a glass or two. Most of the Wheels gang (yours truly included) will be on hand and we hope you’ll join us.

The event is at Scotland Yard, 56 The Esplanade. Tuesday, September 18 at 7 p.m.

See what lapping Le Mans at night is like on a Honda CBR1000RR

When most people think of Le Mans, they think of the iconic 24 hour car race. Four wheeled racers aren’t the only ones who tackle a 24 hour race at the famed French circuit though. The Endurance FIM World Championship motorcycle race series ends its season with a round the clock event at Le Mans also. Honda TT Legends rider John McGuinness takes us for a lap of the track during night practice for the race. Not your typical onboard video, this almost has an eerie quality as the Honda’s single headlight cuts through the night as McGuinness drags his knees around the track. For reference, the TT Legends team finished fifth overall in the 24.

Day three at Targa Newfoundland – technical difficulties

As I mentioned earlier in the week, traditionally it has been tough to get information from Targa Newfoundland due to the remote location. Organizers have done a great job pumping out daily video reports so far, but it would seem that some problems have caught up with the video production team which prevented them from completing the day three video. At least they were able to get something posted for us to share. Also, Jim Kenzie has found some internet access and has filed a story about his drive so far in the Kia Optima Turbo. You can check it out here.

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