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Insider Report: Angry pedestrian faces off with sidewalk driver

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We’ve all sat in traffic and looked longingly at that empty bus lane or soft shoulder, but this guy decided to take to the sidewalk in his little Ford station wagon. What he didn’t count on was a pedestrian who would take the law into his own hands by blocking the driver’s progress. That is if you consider climbing up on the roof to be blocking. It isn’t clear if the somewhat off-kilter vigilante is waiting for police to arrive and ticket the guy or if he just wants to draw attention to the guy’s ignorance.

Do not try this at home kids!

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Toyota flips over sand dune

While I was traipsing around Morocco recently for the launch of the new Range Rover, I made note of how easy it was to head out in the desert for some four-wheeled play time. The guys in the two videos below are obviously fans of easy access too. Unfortunately the driver of the Toyota FJ doesn’t seem to believe that what comes up, must come down. At least he didn’t believe it. Now, I’m sure he has a better understanding.

Don’t worry, neither the desert hoon nor his camera toting buddies were hurt. The FJ on the other hand could use a bit of work.

Watch Kenny crash at the Santa Stunt Ride

If there is any group of people that can be counted on to get together, have a good time and generate some cash for charity, it is the motoring community. It doesn’t matter if they play with two or four wheels. Add in a holiday like Christmas and you get a really special event. The Santa Stunt ride is one of those events. In several cities, motorcycle riders head out for a group ride and put on a bit of a show. Of course some riders dress up as the jolly old elf.

During one Santa Stunt Ride leading up to Christmas, things went wrong for a rider named Kenny, when the rider in front of him accidentally shut off his engine. While Kenny was standing on his seat and doing a wheelie, the rider in front was sitting backwards on his bike. His rump rubbed against the key and turned off the ignition. The whole oops was caught by a couple of cameras. Fortunately, neither rider was injured.

Just a little reminder for our Toronto readers. Even though the Santa Stunt Ride is for charity, the Stunt Driving/Riding laws here in Ontario would likely land you in a cell for taking part in a similar ride here.

  • Insider Report: Angry pedestrian faces off with sidewalk driver

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