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Insider Report: Angry, gun-toting driver forgets to put it in park

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As if there aren’t enough real hazards to worry about on the road, drivers also need to be aware of the potential of being confronted by a road raging lunatic. This obviously happens more in some places than in others. Being the victim of road rage is scary at best and downright lethal at worst, so it is kind of neat to see some karma come back to bite the bad guy.

From this Russian dash camera, we see the bad guy cut off our camera car and come to a stop before exiting his Infiniti SUV with a gun clearly visible in hand. From there, he makes his way to the passenger side of the targeted vehicle, just as his own vehicle starts rolling away.

Looks good on him!

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Red Bull Flugtag on snow

Including Red Bull Flugtag here in the Insider Report might seem like a bit of a stretch, but usually the competitors actually ride upon wheeled vehicles. The event pits teams against each other as they build a flying machine (or one that is supposed to fly) as they launch it off of a pier, landing in the water below. The results are predictably hilarious and it is great fun to see what creative minds come up with in their quest for flight. For the first event of 2013, the folks at Red Bull decided to switch things up a bit and opt for skis instead of wheels and rename the event Jump & Freeze. Held in Sarajevo, there may not be any wheels, but it sure looks like fun was had by all!

Watch the Audi R8 V10 Plus light up the dyno

Almost universally considered one of the greatest cars of all time, the Audi R8 has recently gotten even better with the addition of a V10. Audi of UK decided to strip one down and put it on the dyno so fans could hear, and see, what the mighty R8 V10 Plus does at full song. Crank up the speakers and get ready for some flames!

Call me juvenile, but there are few things cooler than a car that blows flame!

DRIVER’s EYE: Leh Keen in Montreal

In a new series called DRIVER’s EYE, my friends at the DRIVE channel, are bringing us the view of the world’s race tracks from behind the windshield of racing drivers. Using a tiny bullet camera that is mounted to a driver’s helmet, there is no way we could be any closer to the action, without actually being in the driver’s seat ourselves. The first episode has a Canadian connection, as the team wired up Brumos Porsche driver Leh Keen at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Starting off in the paddock, Keen makes his way down the long pit access road, through the pits and out onto the track to break in a new Porsche 911 GT3 for last Summer’s GT3 Cup Challenge race. This is pretty cool stuff!

‘LAUNCH’: The fastest way to start the day

Anyone who has ever driven a rally car has practised their start in their sleep. Watching the clock tick down and the lights come on, bringing the revs up and being ready to pop the clutch. Anticipating the tiny throttle adjustments needed to keep the tires in contact with the road as the car scrambles to accelerate down the stage.

What better to wake up to then, than a replica of the FIA WRC starting lights? This Kickstarter project is a faithful replica of the real thing, complete with WRC car sounds and start light sequence. The developers need £55,000 to make this happen, an amount of pleadges that I truly hope they can achieve, because this thing is a must have for the serious gearhead!

  • Insider Report: Angry, gun-toting driver forgets to put it in park

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