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Insider Report: Adorable two-year-old knows her cars

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I share so many crazy and negative videos from Russia that it is totally refreshing to see one that is positive. To kick off today’s Insider Report, I have come across a super sweet video that will make you smile all day! Mom is videotaping as Dad pulls his two-year-old daughter along on her little scooter. The little girl can identify almost every brand of car she passes in a crowded parking lot. This is a future car enthusiast in the making.

One YouTube commenter calls it “perfect parenting.” And I would agree — if the young lady was wearing a helmet while riding her scooter.

Launch Control #8
Fans of the Subaru brand, rallying and rallycross pay attention. The latest episode of Launch Control is up. Filmed by my Canadian buddies at Formula Photographic, this episode follows David Higgins at the STPR Rally and the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team gang as they do battle in Munich.

Mazda 787B stretches its legs for Johnny Herbert
A couple of weeks ago, I shared a video of television heartthrob Patrick Dempsey as he had a chance to drive the legendary, Le Mans winning Mazda 787B. Being respectful of the car and its provenance, Dempsey behaved very nicely and didn’t flog the beast too hard. Formula 1 drivers, even retired ones, tend to think of cars as just a machine to be beaten on, so it is little surprise that when Johnny Herbert was given a chance to drive the rotary powered rocket back in 2011 that he went at it hard. Thankfully, there were a bunch of action cameras mounted so we can see and hear the beast in HD.

Oh, and as an aside for all of you lazy drivers who prefer automatic transmissions and young racers who have never even driven a stick, take note that Herbert is stirring a REAL gearbox in this monster!

Sabine Schmitz laps The Green Hell in a Ford Transit
Serious car geeks know all about Sabine Schmitz. She’s sort of a car guy’s dream: an attractive blond who is a dyed in the wool gearhead. Schmitz is also wickedly fast behind the wheel of anything. I came across a comparo video featuring the German driver and was going to use it today but then I thought that readers who don’t know her background might miss the point. So, I decided instead to share a two part video from the boys at Top Gear, as Schmitz attempts to lap the legendary Nurburgring in under ten minutes. In a Ford Transit.

The back story is that Jeremy Clarkson had broken the 10-minute mark in a diesel Jaguar, to which Schmitz replied “I can beat that in a van.” And so, the challenge was laid down. The video of Schmitz lapping with Hammond riding shotgun is hilarious. Supercar fans may notice an original Ruf Yellowbird at 4:10 in part one.

This is one of the greatest Top Gear episodes of all time!

And here is Part 2.

  • Insider Report: Adorable two-year-old knows her cars
  • Insider Report: Adorable two-year-old knows her cars
  • Insider Report: Adorable two-year-old knows her cars
  • Insider Report: Adorable two-year-old knows her cars

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