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Insider Report: Voicemail accident report has become urban legend

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

This sound clip has apparently been around since about 2005, but I have never heard it before. Apparently it has become something of an urban legend. A man, supposedly named Michael Childs, a construction worker for the American “Jack in the Box” restaurant chain, was calling to tell his boss he would be late to a job when he witnessed a car accident. The message he leaves on his boss’s voice mail is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time.

Urban legend-busting site Snopes, has done a bit of digging and they are not completely distrusting the story. They have even gone so far as to speak with the Jack in the Box head office, who confirms that the message is indeed an actual message from their system, but do not know of the actual origin. There have been radio show call ins from a man who claims to be the “victim” from the collision aftermath and from someone claiming to be Michael Childs. Snopes has classified the clip as “Undetermined.”

Watch the video below, then take our poll and tell us what you think: Real or Fake?

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg is a modeler’s dream
Said to be the largest model railway in the World, Miniatur Wunderland is oh so much more than a big display of toy trains. The 1.300 m² facility is home to close to 1,000 trains which run on more than 13,000 metres of train track. 46 computers operate transport trucks and even aircraft which navigate their way around an airport. There are 335,000 trees and more than 215,000 miniature people. There is little wonder that this train set is the biggest tourist attraction in Hamburg, Germany.

Rekordfahrt Porsche 918 Spyder Nurburgring
The translation to English is Record Run, but I just think the German version is so much more appropriate. The Nurburgring is much more than just a race track. Once named The Green Hell by now Sir Jackie Stewart, the Nordschleife is a place of legend. A place where dreams are realized and lives ended. A place that has reached almost mythical status among gearheads. It has also become the place where auto manufacturers go to prove the mettle of their creations. The production car lap record is something that is highly coveted by engineering and marketing teams alike.

The latest to break the record is Porsche, with their newest machine, the 918 Spyder. A hybrid. It is considered one of, if not the, most technologically advanced production car ever created. Not only did the 918 Spyder smash the Viper’s record of 7:12:13 around the 20.8 km circuit with a time of 6:57, but it consumed just 3 l/100 km of gasoline while doing it!

Lest the stats geeks out there get upset with me, there are “production cars” that have gone faster. The Radical SR8 LM holds the outright road car record at 6:48 but it is a very thinly disguised sports racing car that is built by hand in very small numbers. While the 918 Spyder will be very limited and also has parts that are hand made, it is very much a production car.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
Back in the early 90’s, I did a bit of competition with an ’89 Suzuki Swift GTi and then a fully rally prepared ’92. The car was the ultimate pocket rocket. Small, light, nimble and quick, it was perfect for autocross, rally and just plain having fun. Ford’s Focus ST is great fun, but it is a bit bigger and maybe a bit too fast to really enjoy on the street. Its new baby sibling, the Fiesta ST on the other hand is absolutely the modern interpretation of a pocket rocket.

Even with all of the big horsepower machines I get to drive, the Fiesta St is hands down one of the most fun cars I have driven in years. This wee beast could get me into trouble!

  • Insider Report: Voicemail accident report has become urban legend
  • Insider Report: Voicemail accident report has become urban legend
  • Insider Report: Voicemail accident report has become urban legend
  • Insider Report: Voicemail accident report has become urban legend

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