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Insider Report: A close call at the crosswalk

Downtown Toronto isn’t the only place that has problems with drivers who blast through crosswalks. The video below shows that Russia has at least one trucker who doesn’t care about pedestrian safety.

The biggest difference here is how other motorists react after the truck almost flattens a child trying to walk across. A number of drivers move in to box in the truck, preventing it from leaving the scene. Can you see Toronto drivers doing this?

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Toyota GT 86 fails the ‘Moose Test’

On Tuesday afternoon at TestFest, I finally got to drive the Toyo-Baru twins that have been the darlings of just about every automotive web video producer of late. Like just about everyone else, it was love at first drive.

The folks at Fast Lap Racing thought this Internet love for the Toyota GT 86 (Scion FR-S here in Canada) was amusing, so they decided to put together their own brief video spot. The 19-second clip features a drifting GT 86 and a disturbing looking styrofoam moose. I may be wrong, but I think the challenge was for the ‘Yota to miss the moose. As it sits, the moose became confetti!

‘We are champions, I don’t believe it!’ – Bruno Spengler

As Wheels Editor Norris McDonald mentioned earlier this week, Canadian racer Bruno Spengler has won the 2012 DTM series championship. One of the racing world’s most tightly contested series, 2012 marked BMW’S return to the series after a long hiatus. BMW Motorsport has released the following retrospective of the year, which includes some great footage of our home town racer.

‘That shady old lady, she stole my car!’ – Gumby

As a kid in the ’70s, I loved watching Gumby & Pokey, but I just came across an episode that I have never seen and it is perfect for the Insider Report. Created somewhere between 1906-62, Hot Rod Granny begins with Gumby and his sidekick, Pokey, tearing up the town in Gumby’s T-Bucket hot rod, while talking about the sweet carburetors on the car. Having broken her glasses, a grumpy old lady mistakes the bucket for her own Model T and the chase is on. A great bit of history here!

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