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INSIDER REPORT: A bad day at the lake

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Have you ever spent an afternoon watching people load and haul out their boats at a public launch ramp? It really can make for some good entertainment. You have to have a license to drive and in most places, like here in Ontario, you have to have a boater’s licence, but neither guarantee that you have a clue how to use a launch ramp! The launch ramp also sorts out the bright from the not so bright.

YouTube user gotyourgear posted the following video that shows what can happen when EVERYTHING goes wrong. The video begins with a shot of the wife circulating in the expensive wake boarding boat. The black lump that is between the boat and the shore is her hubby, who happens to be standing on the roof of their equally expensive Chevy Tahoe. Needless to say, it has all gone wrong at this point and yet it continues to get worse! Another well meaning boater attaches the ski rope from his boat, which is sitting on a trailer. You can see where this is going. Needless to say, the rope breaks and the Tahoe descends into the deep a second time. Fortunately, no innocent bystanders were killed by the rope as it recoiled and the boater will not be receiving the Darwin Award.

Video from Rocky Mountain event shows just how fast rally cars travel

Rally fans often look at photographers with a bit of envy at being closer to the action than they are allowed to be. It can be a challenge sometimes to find words to describe how scary it can be when you are up close and most videos don’t truly capture what we see at the edge of a stage road. This quick clip of Patrick Richard and Alan Ockwell in their Subaru does a great job of conveying the speed in close quarters. The pair were fighting back due to problems early on in the Rocky Mountain round of the Canadian Rally Championship. By the time the dust settled, rivals Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard captured the top spot on the podium in their Mitsubishi, with the Subaru in second spot. Third place went to Ontario driver “Crazy Leo” Urlichich in another Sube.

Watch the video and then let me know if you would want to be standing this close to the action!

Toronto area Porsche Cayenne receives art car treatment

Every now and then you might spot a home decorated oddity on the road, a car that looks like it was decorated by a hippie commune that was tripping on acid. Most often though, the object of such crafty attention is a crappy old beater. Camera toting Jalopnik reader Razvan caught this image of an art car here in Toronto that is unique because of what the base vehicle is: A Porsche Cayenne. Yes, look closely, that is indeed a Porsche SUV. I have no idea what year it is, but the cheapest one listed on is just under $15,000. Certainly not a $500 beater! Do you know anything about this Porsche art car? Let us know, we’d love to share the details.

Witness the awesomeness that is Silver Elvis at a burnout competition

There was a lot of automotive action within an hour or so of Toronto during the Victoria Day weekend, but the Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club of Newmarket is certainly the only group who had Silver Elvis on site to add his unique flavour of cool. Lots of cool cars, bikes and rat rods were on hand when the club held a burnout competition to benefit Sick Kids. After seeing the video of Silver Elvis shrouded in tire smoke, I’m jealous that I wasn’t there to take photos myself.

Official Carroll Shelby Memorial to be webcast this afternoon

By now, everyone knows that Carroll Shelby passed away recently. The legendary racer, car builder, philanthropist and chili aficionado will officially be remembered tomorrow in Los Angeles. Those of us who cannot be part of the memorial can watch it live via webcast. It can be seen by visiting the Carroll Shelby Foundation website at 6 p.m. Pacific time (9 p.m. for Torontonians) this evening.

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