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Insider Report: 15 seconds with 2013 Lincoln MKZ

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With all of the social media hype surrounding short video postings, I have decided to start using Instagram videos to create daily car review video bites. I actually shot my first one on Friday and I kinda like the medium. I hope you like it too.

First up is the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. There has been a lot of chatter in the media debating whether Lincoln has lost the plot when it comes to styling and the future of the brand. Most of those who are panning the style are old guys who don’t like change.

Robin Miller explains his passion for racing
I know that racing isn’t for everyone. I also know that occasionally, I should dial back on the motorsports component of the daily Insider Report. The problem is that motorsport plays a huge role in my passion for cars. Robin Miller, a motorsport reporter for the now defunct Speed channel, is considered one of the most knowledgeable Indycar reporters. He didn’t get there without being passionate about the sport.

A Passion For Racing from RACER Magazine on Vimeo.

Must have adult toy: High Roller trike
Months ago, I shared a video of a new “sport” called drift triking, where adults careen down steep streets on board trikes that resemble an overgrown Big Wheel. Those were cool, but perhaps a bit too crazy for my liking. The folks at High Roller on the other hand have created a true adult sized Big Wheel. Santa, I want one of these under the Christmas tree!

A Subaru escapes from Mickey’s Hot Tub
When I learned that I would be visiting the legendary Moab area of Utah during the recent Mazda Adventure Rally, I was giddy. I read all sorts of off road magazines when I was growing up and finally I would be heading to the desert to experience slick rock. The funniest part of the trip, was seeing the scowl on the faces of adventure tourism guides as their customers, who had shelled out big bucks to drive prepared Jeeps, watched us scamper past them on the trail in our bone stock Mazda CUVs.

Subaru isn’t a name usually associated with hard core off road action, but the built and battered Subie in the video below proves its worth when it goes for a dip in a spot known as Mickey’s Hot Tub. Needless to say, we did not do this in the Mazda!

  • Insider Report: 15 seconds with 2013 Lincoln MKZ
  • Insider Report: 15 seconds with 2013 Lincoln MKZ
  • Insider Report: 15 seconds with 2013 Lincoln MKZ
  • Insider Report: 15 seconds with 2013 Lincoln MKZ

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