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Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?

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When I was a kid there was always some sort of show about the strange and unusual on TV. You know, stuff about human spontaneous combustion, aliens and, of course, Bigfoot. Then Bigfoot went quiet in the media for what seemed like decades. Lately though, the Internet has been buzzing with chatter about Chewbacca’s “real-life” cousin.

But what does a hairy biped in the forest have to do with the Insider Report? Well, it all started with a home video of an ATV ride in the woods.

West Virginian Donald Shields and his wife went for a ride in their Yamaha Rhino 660 last Sunday. As Shields white-knuckled the steering wheel, Wifey held a camera with one hand while holding on for dear life with the other. Shields says it was a very rough downhill section of road, even though it looks pretty tame on the film. It wasn’t until they got home and reviewed their footage that they spotted him: Bigfoot. Of course Shields posted the video on YouTube right away so he could be mocked by non-believers and real off-roaders alike.

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think: Did the Shields really see Bigfoot? Did Bigfoot see them? Is this ride even worthy of being called “off-roading”?

2013 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro at speed
One of the most surreal moments in motorsport is when a single race car is out lapping on a large circuit. Given the right car, the aural experience can be haunting. It can also be a striking display of outright speed. This video from YouTube catches the 2013 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro at Monza. The team was practising for this year’s Le Mans race, so the car is bypassing the chicane to mimic the French circuit’s long straight. Moving by itself at close to 340 km/h, the Audi is a fearsome machine. Turn the speakers up.

Ride along with Mark Wilkins at Long Beach in #38 Kia Optima
This Toronto area racer is one of the top hot shoes in the ultra competitive Pirelli World Challenge. For the second year in a row, Wilkins is piloting a Kia Optima under the Kia Racing banner. For those of you who are not into racing, a “factory ride” is a big deal, so it is pretty cool that one of our hometown guys has this gig. Take a ride with Wilkins at last weekend’s Grand Prix of Long Beach, where the #38 finished in fifth place. After 3 rounds, Wilkins is sitting in fourth place in the points.

Change Perspective – Sébastien Loeb
There is something that draws the fastest of the fast towards helicopters. Maybe it is the inherent danger, or maybe it’s the effortless mobility. Maybe it’s just because they can afford to own and fly their own whirlybird. Formula 1 drivers have long transported themselves in choppers. Many have said the sight of Canadian Gilles Villeneuve’s blue and gold chopper sitting alone outside the Zolder circuit following his death was an eerie sight. One of the most popular rally personalities of all time, Colin McRae, was killed along with his friend and their children when the driver crashed his helicopter.

Little surprise then that the most winning driver in the history of rally, Sebastian Loeb, is a helicopter pilot. A new series from eyewear manufacturer Oakley  features Loeb talking about his love of flying.

Drive teases Season 6
It is no secret to regular readers of the Insider Report that I simply love sharing the fantastic content created by my friends at Drive. Sure, there is a bit of pride knowing that the guys on this team are my buddies, but there is also the reality that they create the absolute best automotive video content on the web. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. With 482 videos currently live, the Drive channel has amassed an astonishing 68,365,897 as I write this and more by the time you read it. This is why the Internet is better than television.

This teaser for Season 6 shows a bit of last season and some of what’s to come. This stuff never gets old!

  • Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?
  • Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?
  • Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?
  • Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?
  • Insider Report: Did this couple really catch Bigfoot on camera?

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