Insider News: Viper vs. Corvette wars are back!

I spend a lot of time at race tracks, between the track surface and the spectator fences, shooting images of the cars as they race by. I don’t very often actually sit down and watch a race. It was pretty special then to spend yesterday afternoon hanging out with the media team from Chrysler Canada and SRT brand CEO, Ralph Gilles, to watch the latest Viper GTS-R score its best finish to date. Viper has a long history of winning races, while fighting tooth and claw with the black and yellow Corvettes. The new team has not even finished a full season yet, but they scored second and third spots on the podium at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park behind one of their old rivals.

See Norris McDonald’s column for all the details of the weekend, but things might have ended differently if a lagging prototype hadn’t gotten in the way!

Snake & Mongoose movie coming soon
With all the hype surrounding Ron Howard’s upcoming Formula 1 movie Rush, race fans may not know there’s another flick coming to theatres soon which will be worth a watch. Snake & Mongoose tells the tale of the legendary drag racing rivalry between Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom ‘The Mongoose’ McEwen and their efforts to earn a living in the sport they loved. The production values don’t look quite as polished as Rush, but I still can’t wait to see it.

The big question is, can a drag racing story beat out an F1 story at the box office?

Malcolm Bricklin followed in documentary called The Entrepreneur
Car enthusiasts of a certain age will recall a ’70s-era car with gull-wing doors called a Bricklin. Some Canadians may remember this car as the financial flop that cost the province of Nova Scotia somewhere in the neighbourhood of $4.5 million, a big chunk of change in 1975. The man behind the Bricklin SV-1 is an American entrepreneur named Malcolm Bricklin who has had a number of notable successes and other failures. The existence of Subaru and Yugo are just a couple of examples respectively. Love him or hate him, Bricklin has played a key role in bringing import cars to our continent and continues working on automotive projects to this day. His Son Jonathan is producing a documentary about his dad. While the trailer is a bit dry, it looks like it will be an eye opener into the way Bricklin’s mind works.

Mach 1 surprise
In 1972, Indiana resident Rick Lookebill bought his first car, a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1. As often happens, Lookebill had to sell the car 24 years ago, but it always held a special place in his heart. Earlier this year, his family tracked the car down and brought it home as a surprise. Interestingly, the Mach 1 was unrestored, looking just as it had when he sold it years later. Watch the surprise reunion below.

  • Insider News: Viper vs. Corvette wars are back!
  • Insider News: Viper vs. Corvette wars are back!
  • Insider News: Viper vs. Corvette wars are back!
  • Insider News: Viper vs. Corvette wars are back!

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