Infiniti QX50 Latest Affected by Semiconductor Shortage


May 20, 2021 2 min. read

Article was updated a year ago

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The latest to be affected by the ongoing semiconductor shortage is Infiniti. The automaker is reported to have had to stop production of some of its high-selling models while it prioritizes the upcoming launch of the top-selling QX60 crossover set to happen this fall.

Infiniti's QX50 is the model that will be paused, produced at the automaker's COMPAS factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico. We confirmed with an Infiniti spokesperson that there would be no production of QX50 crossovers for the Canadian market during the month of June as there are not enough chips to make them. Reports also suggest that the Q50 sedan, assembled in Japan, would see a pause next month, though a length for the stoppages was not mentioned.

"Due to semiconductor parts supply constraints, there will be no production of the QX50 crossover for the Canadian market in June. We continue to work closely with our supplier partners to assess the impact of supply chain issues and minimize disruption for our retailers and clients," the spokesperson said.

Infiniti is in the midst of an important lineup refresh and expansion. The QX55 crossover coupe began arriving at dealers last month, though it's not yet clear if that vehicle will be affected. The luxury brand is also getting ready to start production of the all-new QX60 midsize crossover, the model that was the brand's top seller in the US last year despite a sharp drop compared with 2019, where it was also the brand's most popular model. The QX50 and QX60 are neck and neck for top seller in Canada for Infiniti.

Production of the QX60 ended late last year, with the new model yet to enter production. An online inventory search suggests that there are around 300 new Infiniti QX60 models on the lots of Canada's approximately 40 Infiniti dealers. The U.S. supply seems much tighter, with around the same number of vehicles for that country's 210 or so stores. If the launch of the QX60 is disrupted as a result of semiconductor shortages, it could have a massive impact on the brand this year. As of now, Infiniti Canada says that the QX60 is on track to launch as planned this fall. It's a supply juggling facing much of the industry, which has seen many cars and crossovers paused to help support larger crossovers and pickup trucks as those are the higher-profit models for manufacturers.