Infiniti Inspires with QX Inspiration Concept Coming to Detroit

The concept rendering shows off a very sculpted crossover.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Jan 4, 2019 2 min. read

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Infiniti wants to show us what it thinks the future of the crossover will look like. The QX Inspiration is a concept vehicle designed to show off what's next for Infiniti design and where the company thinks electrification will take us.

The QX Inspiration is, well, Infiniti showing us the inspiration for their next QX vehicles. Not exactly cryptic there, is it. QX is the badge applied to the company's crossovers and SUVs. The company says that this concept "hints at the potency and character of the brand’s future electrified powertrains."

It's especially still just a hint for now. That's because the Japanese automaker is giving us just a glimpse of the new crossover. For the full look, we'll have to wait until January 14th. that's when it will be revealed at the Detroit auto show.

The concept rendering shows off a very sculpted crossover. While the front grille is gone, as with most upcoming electrics, it still has a grille frame. That gives it a more interesting nose, that seems more pleasing to the eye than on vehicles where there is just a blunt end to the vehicle. The frame also gives Infiniti a rather large place to mount a rather large text of the company name, in what appears to be LED lighting. Above the not-a-grille are two very narrow vents, likely to cool the powertrain, and some seriously thin gun slit headlights.

Look to the roofline, and this seems to be another SUV-coupe. It even looks to have just two doors, though that seems unlikely. Expect there to be a second pair, just in hiding from this angle.

As far as what's inside, we aren't getting to see that just yet. Infiniti says that it will take advantage of the electric powertrain to offer "lounge-like" interiors. It also will use materials "inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality." Oh my.

The powertrain and battery details are also a wait and see, but since this is a concept, they likely don't matter anyway. Infiniti says that the QX Inspiration will "offer complete range confidence." But that's beside the point. This is a concept. The point is to look good, and make us think that Infiniti's next vehicles will look this good. And well, we hope they do, because this looks to be a stunner.

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