ImportFest Toronto 2015

Every year ImportFest comes to Toronto to host its one day car show. ImportFest differs from other car shows because it doubles as a lifestyle show, focusing specifically on tuners/suped-up import cars.

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Every year ImportFest comes to Toronto to host its one day car show.  ImportFest differs from other car shows because it doubles as a lifestyle show, focusing specifically on tuners/suped-up import cars.  The fun part about this show is that it’s not filled with car companies showcasing their latest models in hopes that you’ll buy their product. ImportFest Toronto spotlights on incorporating car owners themselves by encouraging them to showcase their modifications.  Most of the cars in the show are import cars, like Subarus, Mitsubishis, and more. Car lovers supe-up their cars to the extreme, inside and out!  Although most of the cars are imports, we did see some amazing modified exotic cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Lamborghini Importfest Toronto

                                                                                        Gilbert Benamou/Freelance Photographer

     ImportFest is basically a huge one-day party filled with people who love aftermarket cars, music and a good time! People come from all over the world to talk shop with other import car lovers.  You  could grab lunch, hang out with the gorgeous models, and listen to DJ Ritz blast beats throughout the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  They had a live stage where the audience crowded around to listen to host, Scott Boogie, joke around in hopes that they might catch one of the prizes he threw around.  Anything from free t-shirts to skateboards was tossed into the crowd! Actual skateboards were thrown into the crowd and no one seemed to mind. There was a DJ battle hosted by Z103.5 where DJs from all over got the chance to showcase their skills.  There was also a beatbox competition, a b-boy battle, a bikini contest and a lingerie competition.  Miss ImportFest, Dannie Riel, was there to sign autographs and greet festival fans.  Needless to say, it was 1 day of non-stop entertainment!

Importfest Toronto interior green lights

                                                                                         Gilbert Benamou/Freelance Photographer

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My favourite part of the show was seeing car owners bring out their personalities through their cars.  Most owners would set up camp right beside their car and engage in conversation with you as you walked past it.  If you had a question, there was always someone there with a friendly smile to answer any questions about what you see or how they did it. I saw bright neon colours that I didn’t even know existed on cars.  I saw a crazy zombie-themed car that had fake limbs hanging out of the front and back, and inside it looked like a mini-haunted house.  No two cars in the building looked the same… and if they did resemble each other in some way, you can bet that underneath the hood they were completely different.  ImportFest makes you realize how much people are willing to spend on their vehicles! Some cars had over $100,000 in parts, accessorizing, paint jobs, and of course performance enhancements.  As ImportFest would say, it was badass.  My favourite car of the show, of course, was a suped-up frowning Jeep. I’m probably a little bit biased because I drive a Jeep.



                                                                                             Gilbert Benamou/Freelance Photographer

ImportFest has been called Canada’s biggest “aftermarket” car show, and they definitely live up to its reputation.

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