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Video: If you can drift on this road, you're officially awesome

Racers face off on death-defying Tianmenshan Mountain

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It’s not only Monday, it’s also the last week of unofficial “summer.” Which calls for a little more of an adrenalin jolt than your average Monday, so we thought this video would be a nice accompaniment to — perhaps even a replacement for — your morning cup of coffee.

In this pure shot of adrenalin, featured on Jalopnik and several other websites, Italian driver Federico Sceriffo and Hong Kong driver James Tang are chosen by Red Bull to face off on China’s Tianmenshan Mountain.

Let’s ignore for a moment the staggering fact that someone actually managed to build that road and focus on the almost-as-staggering fact that it is possible to race on a road that is basically 99 hairpins and live to tell about it.

The video is marred by not enough talking and explaining (as in “zero”), but it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on here. What’s going on here is some amazing handling on a mind-blowing road at top speeds of 170 kph.

Enjoy the Red Bull Drift video and the resultant rush of energy. (And in case your nerves can’t take it right to the end, Sceriffo wins  and nobody dies.)

  • Video: If you can drift on this road, you're officially awesome

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