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Hyundai Readying AI Cruise Control That Drives Like You

It's called Smart Cruise Control, or SCC-ML

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams October 23, 2019

Hyundai has just announced that it’s developing a cruise control system that can learn from your behaviour to give each driver a custom experience. Which is an idea that sounds both amazing and horrible, depending on how you see your own driving and that of the others around you.

It’s called Smart Cruise Control – Machine Learning, or SCC-ML, and it uses artificial intelligence that operates inside the advanced driver assistance system features. The previous adaptive cruise control system relied on the driver to pick things like the desired following distance, the rate of acceleration, and a few other features that helped the smart cruise control system to maintain a following distance, but it wasn’t perfect. Hyundai gives the example of a driver accelerating at different rates depending on their current speed and circumstance. Like you might accelerate more leisurely on a middle-speed highway and more aggressively on a busy freeway. Sometimes you need to stay glued on the car in front, other times you don’t.

Hyundai said that this discrepancy between how you drive and how your car drives leads to drivers not using the smart cruise control feature. That it made people feel anxious and unstable.

“The new SCC-ML improves upon the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features” said Woongjun Jang, VP at Hyundai Motor Group.

AI Cruise Control

The new system uses sensors like the front camera and radar to record your driving information and send it to a central computer. The central computer takes what it wants as relevant details and uses the data to learn your driving patterns.

Once it has your patterns, a machine learning algorithm categorizes your driving into three parts: following distance, rate of acceleration, and responsiveness, and it takes driving conditions and speeds into account as well.

With all of that knowledge, the SCC-ML knows how you like to behave in traffic and does it. So if you’re a tailgater, the cruise control might be as well. If you follow at a proper distance but mash the gas every time a car moves out of your way, so will the SCC-ML system. Hyundai says that the upcoming Highway Driving Assist system, combined with the SCC-ML feature, hits Level 2.5 self-driving, which puts it somewhere between Level 2 hands-off, where you need to watch everything and be ready to intervene and Level 3 eyes off where you can pay less attention and use your phone or read.