• Veloster Grappler

Hyundai Gets Veloster Dirty

So to start, yes, this is clearly a concept.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams October 18, 2019

Turns out that Hyundai wants more than just a hot hatch with the new Veloster, so they’ve taken the delightfully asymmetrical hot hatch and turned it into a monster off-roader. Hyundai’s calling it the Veloster Grappler, but we’re calling it the Veloster-Raptor. Velosiraptor, if you will.

So to start, yes, this is clearly a concept. It’s not likely that you’ll be able to run down to your local dealer and pick up this thing sitting beside a Veloster N and a base-model Accent. This is a concept for SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, which is where every company that builds any sort of part or accessory to fit just about anything with wheels shows up to show off every year. Of course, it’s held in Las Vegas, and this year it starts on the 5th of next month.

But none of that means that it’s not cool, or that we wouldn’t want one. After all, that’s what the concept car is all about. This Veloster has been modified from stock. Significantly, in case you’re having trouble seeing your screen.

It starts with a big lift to give it more ground clearance. That lift, and those massive fender flares, help make sure that the oversize off-road tires and their accompanying wheels from Method Racing can fit underneath while you’re taking the Grappler down the trail or through the desert.

At the nose, the tubular bumper does more than just protect the front end, it also increases the off-road approach angle, letting you better climb rocks and ascend hills, which are both things you expected to do in your Veloster of course.

A carbon-fibre hood from Seibon as well as a cat-back exhaust from Borla do their best to make sure that the Veloster’s 201 hp, 1.6L turbo-four (this has to be the turbo, right?) is able to keep cool and sound appropriate for a car that looks like this.

The Grappler is also loaded with goodies to make working off-road easier. Things like the array of LED lights on the front bumper that are probably visible from space, as well as the extra set mounted on the roof just in case. There’s also a cargo basket that will bring a spare tire, an integrated roll-bar, space for another tire inside, a portable power station, Napier tent, and Recaro seats with a special pattern. Oh, and Hyundai Genuine Accessories all-weather floor mats.

If you want to see more of this one, wait for the SEMA show next month.