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Hyundai Concept makes North American Appearance

The Hyundai le Fil Rouge concept car made its North American debut at the recent Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, MI.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca August 6, 2018

Michigan residents had the opportunity to peek into Hyundai’s future when the Le Fil Rouge concept car made its North American debut at the 40th Annual Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan, July 27–29.

The concept car introduces Hyundai’s new ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design theme, which will appear on all future Hyundai vehicles, ranging from sedans to SUVs.

As its name implies, Le Fil Rouge (common thread) is a reflection of Hyundai’s belief that the brand’s past, present and future designs are all connected.

The Le Fil Rouge is a reinterpretation of Hyundai’s 1974 Coupe Concept and marks the beginning of the “Sensuous Sportiness era” for Hyundai design.

Le Fil Rouge creates proportional character based on the golden-ratio – a common mathematical ratio found in nature – which enabled Hyundai designers to create an aesthetically pleasing, natural looking composition embodying charisma.

Unique proportions also are achieved using a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs. A respectful dash to axle ratio – the distance from front wheel centre to the base of windshield – provides a comfortable driving position, while a teardrop roofline completes the overall look.

The team’s goal was to create a vehicle that is instantly recognizable as a Hyundai from a distance.

This was achieved by creating a sensuous tension on the side through a harmonious blend of crisp, layered lines and pure volumes. Concave and convex forms are carefully orchestrated to provide a sexy character.

Also recognizable is the concept’s distinctive ambience with a wide, layered front hood, combined with a new Cascading Grille, Hyundai’s most distinguishing design cue. The new Cascading Grille comes with a three-dimensional treatment, featuring parametric jewels inside, giving the vehicle a commanding presence.

Re-vitalized wood and high tech fabrics are used extensively throughout and sculpted into exquisite, sensuous forms.

This evokes natural beauty with an emotional touch adding an airy feeling to the car.

Meanwhile, a floating panoramic display coupled with haptic technology sits in front of the driver.

This display provides access to intuitive climate controls and other vehicle features.

Le Fil Rouge

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