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Skeleton pulls up to drive-thru window, freaks workers out

YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat sets stage for Halloween

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Pranks are tricky business. Some people love them, others think they’re childish or worse. But there’s a good case to be made for the value of a wholesome chuckle and harmless fun. This is the mantra of Magic of Rahat, an amateur magician who loves nothing more than pulling a fast one on unsuspecting drive-thru employees. Past pranks include pulling up with what appears to be an empty driver’s seat, but this latest prank, profiled on World Car Fans, tops that one in terms of sheer shock value. It also has a nice seasonal theme. Watch below as a skeleton takes the wheel and pulls up at various drive-thru windows, eliciting, yelps, shrieks, guffaws and prompting one wise worker to expose him by exclaiming “I saw him! He’s on the Interwebs!” Watch the video below and then tell us what you think: Goofy or great?

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