How about a Working W16 on your Wrist?

If you've already got a multi-million-dollar Chiron in your garage, you're going to want the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Apr 15, 2020 2 min. read

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How cool is a watch with 16-cylinders that costs as much as a house? Very cool, as it turns out, and the latest in the partnership between Jacob & Co and Bugatti is one of the most intricate co-branded products we've ever seen.

If you've already got a multi-million-dollar Chiron in your garage, then there's probably not much left that you don't have. But if you're looking for the right accessory, forget about funky socks or a licensed ballcap, you're going to want the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

Under the massive sapphire crystal on this watch is a movement like no other, but even before you get to that part it's amazing. The crystal is mounted using a quartet of miniature shock absorbers to keep it in place and start the Bugatti theme. Look at the case, and you'll see curves that give it just the right amount of Chiron grille.

Inside the case is a precisely crafted recreation of the 16-cylinder W-engine that powers the Chiron. Inside the watch, the engine block is clear to allow you to see the inner workings, but there's more than just a static show.

Press the crown and the engine begins to spin, with the crankshaft and pistons rotating like the real thing. Even the tiniest quad-turbochargers spin up to simulate boost. The mechanism has other automotive-inspired pieces, including what looks like a drive or steering shaft with multiple U-joints. The movement is made up of nearly 600 pieces, with the tourbillion rotated 30 degrees so that you can watch as it spins to help keep time more precisely.

For more car-like touches, there is a "Fuel Gauge" to show how much of the 60-hour reserve remains in the wind-up movement. The back of the watch is crystal as well, letting you see the rest of the show inside. Nearly as fast as the Chiron at full throttle goes through gasoline, three 20-second activations of the complication can be made before it's time for a rewind of the mainspring.

Jacob & Co is making just 250 of these timepieces, and fittingly, since each one could sit prominently as a work of art, they're priced like a rare painting. Each will cost US $280,000, though buyers who order the watch will be able to choose more than just the black titanium of the photos.

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