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Hot Wheels sets record corkscrew jump

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Team Hot Wheels has flipped for a new world record, reports.

Think Hot Wheels are for kids? Think again. The Mattel toy-car brand has set its third world record in eighteen months with this 92-ft. (28 m) corkscrew jump.

The stunt was performed by Brent Fletcher, a renowned Hollywood stunt driver, who flipped the racing buggy side-to-side by a full 360 degrees over a distance of 92 feet. To get there, Fletcher had to hit the ramp at 54 m.p.h. (86 km/h) And rotate 230 degrees per second in mid-air, which is no mean feat in a 2,600-lb. buggy.

Call it one more feather in the Team Hot Wheels cap and another for Fletcher, who coordinated the double-loop stunt for the team at the Los Angeles X Games this summer and has driven in several blockbuster movies. Watch the video below:

  • Hot Wheels sets record corkscrew jump

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