Hot date with the minister


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  • The DVD version of the motorsport classic Le Mans (1971), starring Steve McQueen.
  • Two or three pair of those handy Mechanix gloves that I can use around my garage. I’ve paid my dues in skinned knuckles, cut fingers and burns from hot parts. It is time I worked in luxury.
  • A quality mechanic’s mirror. This device has a long handle and allows you to see in places around your motor that you would never imagine possible.


  • A cargo net for the trunk of her Chrysler Sebring. We load up with a week’s worth of groceries, only to later find them strewn about the trunk.
  • A GPS system, but with certain conditions. Distracted drivers are a leading cause of crashes, and a GPS can cause unnecessary visual distraction. An audio-only unit gives directions without having to take your eyes off the road to look at maps on a screen.


  • At the top of my list: a weekend with Ontario’s transportation minister, Donna Cansfield, that would start with a tour to show her the failings of our highways, the poor standard of driving and lack of communications with motorists. The next day, I’d invite her to a day of advanced driver training to help her understand the level of training that should be required of all motorists.Crashes are caused by drivers and only better road skills can correct that. What is being taught today and what is required to pass the driver’s test, in my view, is like giving a Grade 12 student a licence to practise medicine. It would please me no end to have the minister’s full attention for a weekend so she could see for herself what is required to reduce the carnage on our roads.
  • A Porsche GT3 Cup Racer or a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. My track Honda Civic has seen better days, and now I need something faster and more exciting. The Porsche and Viper are factory-built, race-ready versions of the street machines. All you need to do is haul one or the other to the track, belt in, start it up and feel the rush of pure speed and power.

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