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Hot cars can be deadly for pets in the summer

Auto Know: If you love them like children, treat them with the same care. Never leave pets or children unattended in a vehicle on a warm day.

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In summer, the temperature inside a parked car can skyrocket within minutes and quickly become fatal for pets locked inside.

If you love them like children, treat them with the same care. Never leave pets or children unattended in a vehicle on a warm day.

Last week, I saw staff at the Wal-Mart in Maple respond to this potentially deadly situation. After a customer alerted them to the animal in distress, staff managed to unlock a car door for ventilation and kept watch to ensure the panting dog inside was okay.

The owner was paged, and wasn?t too pleased. But the Wal-Mart supervisor politely stressed that it?s unacceptable (and illegal) to endanger an animal, and she?d call police if necessary.

If you see an animal left inside a hot cars, alert store staff or call 911.

Scanner Price Accuracy

Many automotive, general merchandise, pharmacy and grocery retailers adhere to a voluntary ?Scanner Code of Practice,? and display such signage at point of sale.

Under the Code, if a non-ticketed item scans at checkout above the price listed on the shelf label or as advertised by the store (excluding printing errors), the lower price will be honoured.

Further, if that correct price is under $10, the customer gets the first item free. If the correct price is over $10, the customer gets a $10 discount off the correct price on the first item. Additional items are sold at the correct price.

All remedies are based on the correct sale price. Recently, I had to download a detailed copy of the Code to convince one errant store manager of this fact. Hopefully, this ensures that others aren?t overcharged under this policy in future.

Looking for a novel Father?s Day gift?

Black and Decker?s Matrix Multi-tool features quick-connect accessories that use a common power unit to save you money.

You start with a drill kit, complete with a 20-volt battery and charger. To switch tools, you just snap off the drill head and replace it with the impact driver, jigsaw or sander head (all sold separately).

There?s also a high-pressure inflator attachment to fill tires, air mattresses or pool toys. Being cordless, it can be used at home, on the beach, or at roadside. A pressure gauge is built in.

All attachments use the same motor, battery and charger you already have, so you can expand your tool collection for a fraction of the cost of buying complete tools separately.

The B&D Matrix drill kit is $79, and attachments are under $39. Products are sold at hardware and home centres.

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