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Honda Indy gets the green flag

Toronto's torrential storm won't affect weekend race

  • The beginning of morning rush hour, cars on the highway traveling to and from downtown

The race is on.

Despite the massive flooding in and around Toronto, and especially on the Lake Shore, the Honda Indy gets the green flag for this weekend’s annual event at Exhibition Place.

Although many wondered via Twitter and other social media whether the event would be affected, or even postponed, by the torrential rains, Honda Indy Toronto spokesperson Kathleen Stelmach says “we’re moving forward as planned.”

“Our president (Charlie Johnstone) was at the track this morning and he let me know there were no issues to report as a result of the big storm,” she added.

Although severe flooding did occur along Lake Shore Blvd. and parts of the C.N.E. grounds during Monday night’s rain storm, the only damage found after the water subsided the next morning was a torn tent.

“The weather reports indicate we’ll have sunny days by Thursday, so everything seems to be good,” said Stelmach.

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