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Hockey moms get helpful tips

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The big boys of hockey may be too busy fighting over contracts and millions of dollars to play the game they love. Still, hockey hasn’t come to a screeching halt because the pros and businessmen are having a hissy fit.

All across Canada millions of minor league and amateur games are still taking place and that means something special happens with it.

Families pack up the hockey gear several times a week and load their precious cargo of minor hockey players into thousands of minivans, SUVs and cars and head out to the rink.

Since hockey is a traditional winter sport, these millions of trips to the rink happen on the worst roads Mother Nature can deliver.

According to Theresa Dostaler, founder of Canadian Hockey Moms ( there are over 400,000 hockey moms transporting their young stars to and from the rinks all across Canada. Theresa set up this website to help hockey moms deal with the stress of hockey life.

With over 8,000 moms signed up, this support system can help them exchange ideas and tips on a wide range of hockey parent related subjects. From aggressive, belligerent parents at arenas to hectic schedules to early morning hours to driving thousands of kilometres every week to be at the arena on time.

That is a lot of trips on snowy, slushy and icy roads for league and tournament games. Throughout the winter, these families will be encountering some very dangerous road conditions.

To help hockey moms stay safe while driving with their priceless payload, Goodyear Tires has teamed up with Canadian Hockey Moms to assist in scoring a safe driving season. They offer advice on the best tire choices for the type of season and vehicle and driving tips to get prepared for winter. Having the best traction possible can make a big difference in the safety of the vehicle.

It’s one thing to make the vehicle as safe as possible by using winter tires, but since it is drivers that cause the crashes and not wintery roads, Goodyear also recognises the importance of driver’s skill level as a large part of the winter safety equation.

Every team needs a good coach and sometimes the coaching makes the biggest difference. Since the driver is the most important safety feature in any vehicle, Goodyear has asked the driving experts at the ILR Winter Driving School to coach Canadian Hockey Moms with driving tips and training sessions.

In November, Canadian Hockey Moms hosted a Twitter party in which moms could ask Carol Niedermayer, mother of NHL All Star players Scott and Rob Niedermayer, all about raising two talented boys to become successful professional hockey players. Carol gave them advice on topics such as nutrition and stress.

These hockey moms also had the opportunity to ask the experts at Goodyear about what tires to use and preparing their vehicles for winter driving. As the Toronto Star Wheels driving expert, I was invited so they could ask me for advice on driving in winter conditions.

There were several excellent questions put to the experts and many hockey moms came away from the Twitter party equipped with better knowledge to deal with driving their young ones around.

Along with these valuable winter tips Goodyear gave a way a set of winter tires to one lucky tweeting hockey mom and ILR Winter Driving School donated two spots in their winter driving course to another lucky winner.

Recently Goodyear Tires arranged for Canadian Hockey Moms founder Theresa Dostaler and her guest the opportunity to experience advanced driver training with ILR Car Control School.

According to Theresa, “Though I was excited, I had no idea what to expect having never done anything like this before. However, I can tell you it was very entertaining, but more important, educational. I knew I had some bad driving habits, but more importantly, I learned that I was doing many things incorrectly because I had never learned the proper way. This course provided the theory to explain why things are important, and the practice to help get us comfortable and actually (and sometimes physically) correct what we were doing wrong. The section on understanding your vehicle, particularly the sections on antilock brakes and tires, really helped me to understand the importance of both. And I really DO understand the importance of the proper tires, and specifically, winter tires, as well as why and when.”

All hockey moms are invited to go to to sign up and be a part of the support group. They can also take advantage of the special offers for hockey moms from Goodyear Tires and ILR Winter Driving School.

  • Hockey moms get helpful tips

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