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Here's Our Best Look at the AWD Gazoo Yaris

Here’s a Toyota Yaris that we really, really want but aren’t going to get.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams December 4, 2019

Toyota and Gazoo Racing want us to be ready for the upcoming GR Yaris model, so here’s a bit of a teaser for the new car.

The star is “Master Driver Morizo,” Which is a little bit like Toyota’s own version of The Stig. Because Morizo is the name that Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda uses when he goes racing. A way to stay under the radar when he’s entering events, and when he established the Gazoo Racing brand, though the secret is definitely out now. Morizo says that “there’s nothing I like more than the smell of gasoline and the sound of screaming engines.”

Then, while we hear the unmistakable burble of a mostly uncorked small turbo engine, the GR-4 badged Yaris spins all four tires as it launches hard out of the dirt.

The tweet calls this the final test for the GR Yaris, and tells us to get ready for it. Well, this Yaris with massively chunky rally wheels and the wonderfully tall, upright sidewalls that are clearly those of a rally car, combined with big rally mudflaps, is definitely something we could get ready for. That’s before you even look at the fender flares that are able to do battle with some of the best of the Group B rally era.

Reports and rumours put both a four and a three-cylinder engine in this car, with possibly the former in the road car and the latter in the rally version, so we’ll have to wait and see. The car was originally expected to launch at Rally Australia last month, but then Australia’s wildfires stopped the rally and reveal.

As far as when Canadian buyers can expect the GR Yaris? Well, you might need to wait 15 years. That’s because while we are getting a new Yaris next year, it’ll be a very different car than the European and Japanese model Yaris the GR is based on. Toyota Canada confirmed that “we have no plan to introduce the recently unveiled Yaris” here, which would make the GR-4 a tough one to bring over. Why 15 years? That’s when you can try to import one yourself from a market where the GR is sold