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Hennessey Performance Gives Corvette ZR1 Up to 1,200 Horses

Hennessey is in Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams April 24, 2019

Hennessey Performance might have cut its teeth turning the already massively quick Viper into ever more powerful models. But that doesn’t mean they’ve stayed exclusive to the long-gone supercar. Their latest takes the most powerful Chevrolet Corvette and gives it up to 1,200 hp.

The standard Corvette ZR1 is no slouch from the factory. 755 hp and 716 lb-ft from a supercharged 6.2L V8 is nothing to ignore. But Hennessey is in Texas. And everything is bigger in Texas, right?

It starts with the base HPE850 upgrade. Though it’s definitely not easy to call this monster base. Hennessey Performance Engineering adds a new air induction system, long-tube headers, new catalytic converters, and HPE’s own engine calibration. That boots power to 850 hp, though torque stays the same.

Next up is the HPE1000 with, you guessed it, 1,000 hp. And 966 lb-ft of torque. To get that power output takes the mods from the 850 then piles on more. A new camshaft, ported cylinder heads, upgraded valves, valve springs, and retainers. Plus a new lower pulley to help make more boost, and some strengthening of the eight-speed automatic. Add the optional drag radials and the car can hit 100 km/h from a stop in 2.3 seconds and do the quarter mile in 9.4 at 238 km/h. Oh, and it comes with Hennessey premium floor mats.

Hennessey Corvette

Finally, that HPE1200. 1,200 hp and 1,066 lb-ft. Not surprisingly, this one needs more upgrades. Like a ported supercharger, high-flow throttle body, new pulleys, and the upgrades that the HPE1000 gets. But this one needs something more. Race gas. Though Hennessey doesn’t specify exactly what fuel is needed to hit the high power figure, if all you can find is 93 octane pump gas then you’ll have to settle for 1,100 hp. Which is probably still plenty.

So once you get tired of the ZR1 as it comes from the factory, HPE has plenty of options for drivers who want power levels ranging from more to quite frankly absurd. Chevrolet gave the ZR1 loads of performance goodies stock. Like four extra radiators, a larger intercooler, and an aerodynamics package designed with help from a Corvette race team. So why not take advantage of all that extra capacity and really put it to the test.

Bring tires. And gasoline.

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