• LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Harley & LEGO Create 1000+ Piece Motorcycle

The incredible team of LEGO Master Builders created a life-size model of the motorcycle

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy July 11, 2019

Absent of stepping on the things after they’ve buried themselves into a swatch of living room carpet, LEGO can be a lot of fun. Whether it’s some random bricks with no specific set of instructions or a special set meant to replicate a famous landmark, assembling a handful of these classic bricks can make for a pleasant afternoon.

The company is far from oblivious, recognizing that gearheads like to advertise their hobby in different ways. With this in mind, LEGO has created several interpretations of road-going machines in the past, some more successful than others. While its Ferrari F40 model kit looked much like the actual car, its Porsche 911 simply looked as if it was pre-crashed. Fortunately, the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy shown here sits squarely in the ‘good effort’ column.

Perhaps that is thanks to a bike’s inherent lack of bodywork. Featuring 1023 pieces of LEGO, the model comes complete with solid-disc wheels, teardrop fuel tank, integrated speedometer, and dual exhaust pipes. The finished model is 20cm high, 18cm wide, and 33cm long. For comparison, the LEGO F40 is a couple of inches shorter.

“Bringing this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to life in brick form is incredibly exciting,” said Mike Psiaki, Design Master at LEGO Group. “The model truly captures the [bike’s] design, advanced engineering, and attention to detail.”

LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

As with most LEGO kits of this style, the bike features several moveable parts for owners to engage. Spin the rear tire and see the Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons spring to life. Turn the handlebar, move the gearshift, its brake levers, and flip down the motorcycle’s kickstand for easy parking. You’ll have to supply your own gravel parking lot and roadside tavern, however.

To celebrate the launch of this model, the incredible team of LEGO Master Builders created a life-size model of the motorcycle, meaning they made a model of the model of the real thing. It is complete with silver-coated parts, Wi-Fi animation control, plus sound and light effects to imitate a real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Comprised of 6000 special LEGO elements, the creation took 865 hours to build and is made of 69,569 pieces. It’ll be on display at select LEGO stores and Harley-Davidson events.

Finished in a dark red and black colour scheme with Harley-Davidson logos on each side, it does a good job of reflecting the look of Harley’s full-size 2019 Fat Boy in Wicked Red. The toy makes for a fun display at the home or office.

Interested? Pick one up when they go on sale August 1st.