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GTA's worst roads? Tell us yours
and let off some street steam

You drive them every day, so tell us:
Which routes deserve a place on the Worst Roads in the GTA list?

A decade ago, the CAA started an annual awareness campaign called “Worst Roads.” The idea was to draw attention to deteriorating highways and roads in cities and regions across the country.

And man, was it successful. Not only did people respond (perhaps “vent” would be a better word),  but according to the association, 90 per cent of the roads nominated in the last 10 years have either been repaired or are on a list.

Last week the CAA launched campaigns across the country to come up with a new crop of road ruins.

The Toronto Transportation Services also issued its report on the 10 most congested intersections in the city. Many of them are along Sheppard Ave., and that’s one of the reasons I stay away from that street if at possible.

My personal favourite worst intersection — Jarvis St. and Lake Shore Blvd. E. — is not on the list, which I find hard to believe.

Toronto Star Wheels is borrowing from those two great programs to come up with our own list of worst streets and roads in the GTA and the 10 worst intersections. And because everybody has a personal “favourite” worst street, we want your input. We’ve heard from quite a few of you already, but there’s still time to get your picks in to us.

Either comment on this story online, or email us your choices for worst road and worst intersection to [email protected] (Please put “worst road” in the subject line.) If you would like to explain your choices, go ahead. And if you email, send us your phone number and we might give you a call.

Three weeks from today, we’ll report the findings.


  • GTA's worst roads? Tell us yours <br>and let off some street steam
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