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‘Grand Prix Driver’ to Premiere February 9th Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

Prime members are given unparalleled access to McLaren F1 – It’s drivers, engineers and principals are all fair game in this documentary style mini-series narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas.

George Angelopoulos By: George Angelopoulos January 16, 2018

Grand Prix Driver offers viewers a rare glimpse into the top secret, almost Cold War level of secrecy by granting access for the first time to the internal operations and strategies of the McLaren F1 team.

With 12 Drivers’ Titles, 8 Constructors’ Titles, 182 victories and 391 podiums, McLaren is one of the most successful teams in motorsport history. Coming off the back of two dismal seasons at the back of the pack, McLaren is optimistic of moving up the grid and a possible return to the podium with the promotion of F1 rookie Stoffel Vandoorne. By pairing up with two-time World Champion and argued by many in the know as the best driver on the grid—Fernando Alonso—they hope to achieve this target.

This documentary style mini-series will take us on a journey through Vandoorne’s ‘probation’ period within the team, his training schedule and the launch and testing of the 2017 car (MCL32). Viewers will bare witness to the business and technical struggles of modern F1 – securing sponsorship deals, extracting maximum output from the new Honda power unit and Alonso’s relentless quest for a third drivers’ title.

Prime members will also be granted access to the car build-up process and an unrivalled look and the fitting of the race-day engine, a process that no team has previously allowed.

Grand Prix Driver is executively produced by BAFTA winner Manish Pandey (Senna, Ferrari, The Bentley Boys), Chris Connell and Anwar Nuseibeh. This will be a true-fan’s insight into the authentic daily lives of the drivers, executives, engineers and team members, as they strive to obtain the rare view from the top of the podium and the sweet taste of victory.

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