Going out on a high note with RS 60

It pays homage to one of Porsche's legendary race cars: the RS 60, which, among other things, won the Sebring 12-Hour race in 1960.

The Porsche Boxster RS 60 is the ultimate expression of the soon-to-be-revamped current Boxster line. It pays homage to one of Porsche’s legendary race cars: the RS 60, which, among other things, won the Sebring 12-Hour race in 1960.

The special edition sports car starts life as a Boxster S, whose 3.4-litre flat-six has had some exhaust system tweaks to prod the horsepower to 303, up eight from the normal S, and the first Boxster to exceed the 300 mark.

All RS 60s are silver, like those old race cars. A Porsche SportDesign front fascia, black windshield frame, red taillight lenses and unique 19-inch alloys spaced further outboard highlight the exterior changes.

I thought the bright Carrera red leather interior would be a bit over-the-top, but I came to like it. It is set off by stainless steel kick plates engraved with RS 60 logos, a unique shift knob, revised instrument cluster and a dash plaque that indicates you are one of only 1,960 RS 60 owners world-wide (fewer than 800 in North America).

With such minor changes to the power train and running gear, there’s no way you’ll subjectively feel any difference in how the RS 60 goes versus a Boxster S.

But that new exhaust system sure makes it sound like you’re going faster – it’s fabulous.

The gearbox is nigh-on perfect, clutch take-up silken yet powerful.

Any Boxster is just about the sweetest handling car you can buy, at least until you try a Cayman. Everything you request at the wheel or pedals is faithfully executed at the rubber-road interface.

If the RS 60 isn’t measurably better than a regular Boxster S, it sure is measurably more expensive, coming in at $81,800, a shade over 10 grand dearer than a Boxster S.

My test car had another $6,000 worth of toys, like Bi-Xenon headlamps, heated seats and the Sport Chrono package which lets you record your own lap times.

Given that the revised Boxster S, which arrives next spring, will have 320 horses, an available double clutch transmission, an new satnav system and will be less money than the RS 60, you may have trouble making the value equation work.

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