GM's ARĪV eBikes Have Arrived 

The bikes were designed by some of the same engineers responsible for GM's cars and trucks designed at GM Canada facilities.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 15, 2019
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GM’S eBikes are now available to order. And the new venture has a brand name to go with it as well. ARĪV has, well, just about arrived.

The new eBike brand was first announced last fall. GM’s latest pair of electrified products would have two wheels and two pedals. At the time, the automaker turned pedaler was looking for some help from the crowd. It wanted a new name to go with the new brand, so it held a crowdsourcing competition to help “hear from people who like to move and have rad ideas.” As they said at the time.

Now the cycles have a name and a brand, and we have some extra details to go with them.

Ariv was the winner of the crowdsourcing competition. The bikes were designed by some of the same engineers responsible for GM’s cars and trucks designed at GM Canada facilities. The design work was shared between Oshawa and Michigan facilities.

GM says that the bikes saw similar testing to what the company’s vehicles endure. They use a motor developed by GM specifically for the bikes. It offers a top speed of up to 25 km/h, with four levels of assist depending on what the rider needs.

While they didn’t give the capacity of the battery, Ariv said that the Merge and Meld, the names of the two new bikes, can charge in about 3.5 hours and provide up to 64 km of ride time on that charge. The bikes will have integrated and rechargeable LED lights front and rear, and come with oversize brake rotors.

Ariv Merge

Both bikes are a compact design, for easier transit and to make them more convenient to store. The Merge folds, and can still be rolled when folded. Both eBikes can also be powered when you’re walking them, in case you’re indoors or going up an extremely steep hill. They’re connected to an eBike app through Bluetooth. It delivers OnStar-like telemetry including speed, distance, assist, and remaining battery. Ariv is planning other features like “a mode that will use a proprietary algorithm to help riders arrive at their destination sweat-free.” Both come with a USB port to charge your phone too.

While pre-orders are open now, the bikes will launch first in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Places where eBikes are already popular. Starting prices in Germany will be €2,750 (CAD 4,116) for Meld and €3,350 (CAD 5,015) for Merge including sales tax and shipping.

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