GM Starts Autonomous Bolt Production

Chevrolet claims it has become the first automaker to use mass production methods to build autonomous vehicles starting with the Bolt EV.

  • Autonomous Bolt

General Motors has announced that it has completed production of 130 Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles equipped with its next generation of self-driving technology.

The vehicles will join the more than 50 current generation self-driving Bolt EVs already deployed in testing fleets in San Francisco; Scottsdale, Arizona; and metro Detroit.

GM became the first company to assemble self-driving test vehicles in a mass-production facility when its next generation of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles began rolling off of the line at Orion Township in January.

Autonomous Bolt

The self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs feature GM’s latest array of equipment, including LIDAR, cameras, sensors and other hardware designed to accelerate development of a safe and reliable fully autonomous vehicle.

GM and Cruise Automation engineers have been testing Chevrolet Autonomous Bolt EVs equipped with self-driving technology on public roads in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona, since June 2016 and on public roads in Warren, Michigan, since January 2017.

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Autonomous Bolt

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