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GM OnStar Advisors in Oshawa Help Deliver Baby

This is the 6th baby that the OnStar team in Oshawa have helped deliver.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy April 29, 2020

If one were to ask a person to list the services and assistance available through the General Motors wireless OnStar emergency service, there’s a pretty good chance they’d mention the ability of the program to send help after an accident. But helping to deliver a baby? That’s not likely the first item to spring to mind.

Nevertheless, it’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago when two Canadian OnStar advisors – working from their homes because of COVID-19 restrictions, no less – provided instructions to help with the delivery of a baby girl. OnStar emergency team advisors Jenna Stapley and Edward Bloomdale, who are typically based in the OnStar Oshawa Contact Centre, received the call.

After quickly assessing the situation, Stapley contacted the local 911 centre to dispatch local EMS to the GPS coordinates of the vehicle. Bloomdale, meanwhile, began talking the person through the delivery process. In a matter of minutes, they heard the sound of a baby crying. Stapley and Bloomdale had just helped deliver OnStar’s first baby while working from home.

If you’re curious, this was actually the 6th baby that the OnStar team in Oshawa has helped deliver.

By the way, General Motors has enabled OnStar Crisis Assist services for all connected vehicle owners during the current COVID-19 pandemic. They have also unlocked 3GB or 3 months (whichever comes first) of complimentary in-vehicle data for all Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles, which is to say just about every recent new vehicle in GM’s fleet. Owners have to contact OnStar in order to activate this data plan, an easy process that took your author just a few minutes when he did so for his own GMC Sierra.

Ambulance Onstar Baby

Years ago in the UK, a story was circulating that parents of a new baby, who was born in a Kia while en route to the hospital, decided to name their bundle of joy after the brand. In turn, the Korean car company gifted the family a Kia Rondo. No word if the baby girl in this story was given the name Star or Sierra or Corvette ZR1 with the Track Performance Package. The latter might require some explaining when filling out forms for school.

OnStar advisors deal with a lot of stressful situations but helping to welcome a new person into the world, while tense in the moment, certainly leaves one with a case of the warm and fuzzies. We wish the new parents the very best.