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GLE Coupe Gets 603 hp, Mild Hybrid AMG Treatment

You'll be able to spot the AMG 63 S thanks to the Panamericana-style AMG grille up front

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 20, 2020

It’s another go-round for the monstrously powerful Mercedes-AMG crossover. This time, it’s the GLE Coupe getting the go-fast treatment with the 2021 GLE Coupe 63 S model gaining power and a 48V EQ Boost mild hybrid system to help make this big coupe even bigger.

It’s 603 hp from the twin-turbo, 4.0L V8, up from 577 in the last version of the mighty GLE Coupe. The hot vee turbo engine is helped out by the EQ Boost starter-alternator that sticks an electric motor-generator between the engine and transmission. It adds 21 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque to quicken throttle response, but it also allows the engine management to hide the lull between shifts, let the AMG glide while using less fuel, and to make the start-stop system “virtually imperceptible.” To help save some more fuel, the V8 gets cylinder deactivation, letting it shut off four of the engine’s eight pots in a range from 1,000 to 3,250 rpm, while in Comfort mode.

The EQ Boost motor also works to power a 48V electrical system that, like in other Mercedes models, allows for new suspension features. The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 63 S gets active roll stabilization, where actuators on both axles twist to reduce body roll in corners while increasing straight-line ride comfort compared with standard anti-roll bars. AMG’s Active Ride Control+ air suspension and adaptive damping allows for six modes and a custom setting that tailors the throttle response and transmission, but also the suspension settings and steering for various levels of performance and terrain handling. Trail, for soft or slippery ground, raises the ride height for better clearance, as does Sand mode. Sport and Sport + explain themselves, as does Race.


An AMG Speedshift nine-speed automatic sends power from the engine to the road, and Mercedes-AMG says this version is quicker than ever, plus the box can handle multiple downshifts and double-clutching. Along with an all-wheel drive system that can calculate where to send power based on conditions and dynamics, there is an electronic locking rear differential that improves traction and helps the big GLE get out of corners more quickly.

You’ll be able to spot the AMG 63 S thanks to the Panamericana-style AMG grille up front as well as the bulging hood, 22-inch AMG alloys, black trim, and massive tailpipes that stick out of a black rear diffuser. Massive brakes in conventional iron or carbon ceramics are available, and the AMG GLE gets an AMG-specific Nappa leather interior with AMG seats and embroidery. AMG-specific gauges for the digital dash complete the transformation. No word from Mercedes-Benz Canada yet on when the GLE 63 S Coupe will arrive, or what the price will be.