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Girlfriend not exactly thrilled by gift of new C7 Stingray

Video: Watch her painfully lukewarm reaction to 'thrilling' surprise

  • C7 Stingray

We’ve all had that awkward experience of being given a gift we don’t like but that the giver obviously thought was amazing. The giver watches in unbearable anticipation, we open the gift, we make that “What the …” face, we squeak, “Well isn’t that nice! Thank you.”

This video is just like that, except without the thank you. In fact without any kind of visible appreciation whatsoever.

C7 Stingray

After hearing that Corvette was coming out with a new Stingray, a young Texas man decided to order one as a surprise for his girlfriend, CarBuzz reports. It took months to arrive, but when it did he had it loaded with the 3LT and Z51 packages as well as the performance exhaust and magnetic ride suspension.

The black-on-black-on-black car has 460 HP, looks amazing and he is clearly smitten with it. And he should have just kept it for himself because she’d never have known and from the looks of it she’d really rather have a nice little Hyundai. Check out her reaction as her boyfriend shows up at work to surprise her with the gift. It’s nothing short of painful. Do we even get a “thank you?” No, we do not.

C7 Stingray

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