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German footie fans cheer while driver parallel parks

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Parallel parking has been the downfall of many a driving student. This brave lady in Münster, Germany, decided to take advantage of her hatchback’s diminutive size by backing it into an equally tiny parking spot. Normally this wouldn’t be such an event, but Germany had just defeated Argentina in the 2010 World Cup and she had a cheering section of well lubricated footie fans to cheer her on. I’m actually surprised they didn’t help her by lifting the car into place!

Watch a stock Civic get transformed into a race car

The Honda Civic is one of the most successful “showroom stock” type of race cars of all time, largely in part due to Honda’s commitment to supporting racers with the development of performance parts. One of the most successful teams that campaigns the Civic is Compass 360 Racing, who race in the Pirelli World Challenge series. The World Challenge series is a U.S. based series, yet C360R is actually based right here in the GTA. As part of a marketing effort for Honda Performance Development, or HPD, Honda and C360R have produced a video that shows what goes in to turning a street car into a winning professional race car.

Bergmeister explains Flying Lizard DQ

There has been a fair bit of controversy and confusion regarding the disqualification of the #45 Flying Lizard Porsche of Joey Hand and Jorg Bergmeister at last weekend’s Grand Prix of Mosport. To clear things up, Bergmeister has put the following message to fans on his Facebook page.

Hi everyone – we’ve received lots of questions on the Mosport results. As you know, we won the race, but the No. 45 did not pass post-race technical inspection and we did not receive any points for the race win towards the championship. Many of you have asked: What is an engine stall test? Why didn’t you pass? What does that mean? Here are some answers for you: After each qualifying session and race, IMSA (the regulating body of the American Le Mans… Series) executes a series of checks on the top finishing cars to ensure that all participants meet the specified technical guidelines for their class. The stall test is one of these. The purpose of this test is to check that no more air can get to the engine than the rules allow. Controlling this is one of the ways the Series balances the performance of the cars. Performing this test is pretty simple. While the car is idling, the air intakes are physically blocked. Blocking the air intakes should eliminate all air into the engine, causing it to stall. If the engine does not stall, it means that some additional air is getting to the engine, and it is possible that extra air could create more power. There are many ways that extra air could get to the engine: cracks in the manifold, leaks in various seals, etc. To our surprise, the No. 45 did not stall during this test after the race and was disqualified. You can imagine all the mechanics and engine people pulling their hair out trying to figure out what had gone wrong. We could not see anything wrong, and so protested the disqualification. We investigated the issue more thoroughly when the car was returned to us, and found that the air cleaner had been improperly fitted. This caused the device to flex during the race and the seal to eventually fail. This is very likely what caused us to fail the stall test. While we are not certain that this caused us any advantage, rules are rules, and we support the Steward’s ruling. A very disappointing end to a great race. Now on to Mid-Ohio!

Watch as a car is overtaken by a boat

Every long weekend, the OPP spends massive amounts of resources to get unsafe vehicles off the road. Many of them are accidents like the one in the video below, waiting to happen. Fortunately, this one didn’t happen in Ontario. No surprise, this video comes to us from Russia!

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