Front-wheel dive: Sinkhole ingests front end of car

HUNTING PARK , PA.?When Fran Leftenant went to bed on Monday night, her car was parked, safe and sound, in front of her Philadelphia home.

When she woke up, it was halfway into the maw of a predator sinkhole.

Leftenant told ABC News (video below) that when she first saw the car, she thought its two front tires were missing. Then she saw the gaping hole.

A tow truck was called, and a distraught Leftenant? watched as the hole got wider and the tilt on her Pontiac Bonneville got greater.

“I just feel sick,” she told reporters as she sat on her front porch, watching her car slowly ease into the ground.

Work crews soon arrived and were on scene for hours with jackhammers and shovels, as a crowd of neighbours looked on.

They later learned that a water main had broken beneath the street, and that the car was resting directly on the broken main ? which saved it from falling in further.

No one was injured and the car was eventually safely removed.

With files from The Associated Press

  • Front-wheel dive: Sinkhole ingests front end of car Workmen view a car with its front end in a sinkhole, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, in Philadelphia. PVI-TV reports the sinkhole opened up overnight on a street in the city's Hunting Park section, with the front of the car falling in the hole Tuesday morning. No injuries are being reported. There's no word on what caused the sinkhole. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
  • Front-wheel dive: Sinkhole ingests front end of car

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